Joseline Hernandez Wants Own Reality Show, Movie Career After Quitting ‘Love and Hiphop Atlanta’

Joseline Hernandez reportedly wants to have her own reality show after quitting Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. A new report revealed that Stevie J’s ex-girlfriend is hoping to follow in Coco Austin’s footsteps, eager to star in a new reality show similar to Ice Loves Coco.

According to Hollywood Life, Joseline Hernandez is far from ready to let go of her reality TV career just yet. Even though she confirmed her exit from Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta early this month, Hernandez allegedly is hoping to land her own reality show soon. An insider close to the Puerto Rican princess revealed that Hernandez is aspiring to be like Ice-T’s wife, Coco Austin.

“Joseline really looks to Coco Austin as her life inspiration. She loves Coco’s body, her look, her sense of humor, and what she’s made of her life. Coco’s a great mom, has an amazing marriage, and a super successful career. If Joseline were to style herself after anyone, it would be Coco, and she would love to have her own reality show, along the lines of Ice Loves Coco,” the insider revealed.

After being on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta for five years, Josephine Hernandez announced that she’s leaving the show following her beef with the show’s executive producer Mona Scott- Young. Early this week, Hernandez threatened to expose the LHHA producer. Going on Instagram Live, Hernadez asked her followers to have their phones ready for they didn’t want to miss what she’s about to say about Scott-Young. The reality star accused the producer of treating them like “s**t” throughout the years.

“Imma let everybody know. Hashtag Oprah, and I want to go sit down with Oprah. Can y’all hashtag that,” Hernandez asked her fans.

Hollywood Life, however, pointed out that the timing of the of Hernandez’s alleged expose was definitely fishy, considering that it came out after several insiders revealed that her Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta cast were done working with her. During the reunion, Hernandez was also allegedly throwing a fit because of the seating arrangement.

Stevie J and Joseline Hernandez might be working things out but that does not necessarily mean that he’s siding with her on this one. Early this week, the rapper even shared a photo with Scott-Young with the caption, “Great things on the horizon with my business partner.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with Galore magazine back in May, Joseline Hernandez already hinted that she might not be returning for another season of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. The “Baby Daddy” singer, however, promised fans that they haven’t seen the last of her.

Hernandez sees herself being on television for many more years to come. She also shared that she has been receiving calls, asking her to audition for movie roles here and there. The former reality star, however, said that she wanted to be extra careful when it comes to choosing her next project. Hernandez explained that she wanted to show her fans how versatile she can be as an actress.

“I just have to pick and choose what works for me because I have so much work coming my way that for me to get into the character, I want to live that character. I want to really come up hard and really show. For example, the character I play in ‘Star,’ that’s who I am and I can play somebody who I’m not, but I want to choose that character. With acting, you just have to choose the right roles, so you can really show the world that you can get into a different frame of mind and be a different person,” Hernandez explained.

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