Muslim Protest In London Against Radical Islam Staged By ‘CNN’?

Video footage seeming to show a news crew staging a scene in which several Muslims are seen protesting against radical Islamic terror attacks has been discovered and is currently being passed around social media.

A Twitter user by the name of “Mark” tweeted a video showing an outdoor news kiosk with lots of people, cameras, and other equipment. During the first part of the footage, you see the news crew getting a group of men and women, all of whom appear to be Muslim, ready for their “part” in front of the camera. They’re given a few different signs to hold, though it’s not easy to decipher what’s written on them, and they’re all standing close to one another in the middle of a desolate city street, making it look as if they’ve been there for a while, or perhaps making it appear like they’re the leaders of a mobile demonstration traveling around town. There are even instances of the behind the scenes staff demonstrating to the group what they should be doing, which if it was a genuine protest would not be the case.

Once the media staff is satisfied, a lady with a microphone begins speaking at the 1:32 mark, saying something along the lines of, “what I want to show you now, to the viewers at home, is a wonderful scene…” She then goes on to explain that the group of Muslims in front of her have signs that say “Heroes of London, ‘hashtag’ ISIS is the enemy of Islam,” and other statements that are not clear enough to make out.

Whoever is filming the video of the news team filming the scene stops recording before the woman finishes her report.

After the initial tweet from Mark, Daily Mail journalist Katie Hopkins came across the video, as well as conservative pundit Mike Cernovich, both of whom can reach thousands of people easily.

Hopkins also took a screenshot of a letter she wrote to chief BBC editor James Harding regarding the doctored video.

Harding isn’t the only person Katie is petitioning for answers. She reached out to Anna O’Neill, also of BBC News to ask how she “stumbled across” a group of Muslim women standing in solidarity with one another. At this point, a large portion of Twitter had found out about the staged protest allegations.

The ladies in Anna’s photograph can be seen as part of the gathering in the video footage from original cameraman Mark.

Mike Cernovich wrote up a story immediately upon discovering the staged scene and posted it to his Medium profile. He says the reporter is Becky Anderson from CNN. Katie Hopkins has tweeted to CNN associates in her quest for answers, but at this time she hasn’t been too successful getting any useful feedback.

Some are even chastising Hopkins for wondering why it looks like the news crew seen in the video is staging a protest.

The Twitter account of CNN International PR tweeted that accusations the video was staged are “nonsense.”

CNN reporter Brian Stelter also took to Twitter to say that right-wingers are deceiving people by claiming the video and photos display a fake protest, insisting that law enforcement instructed the group to do what they did so the media could get a good shot.

From the information provided by the tweets going around about this staged scene, this same group of Muslims has been both photographed and recorded on video multiple times “protesting” radical Islam. Fox News, BBC, CNN, and The Guardian have all allegedly used either images or video footage of these same Muslims carrying the same signs in various parts of London.

Getty Images has several photos of these “outraged Islamic demonstrators,” begging the question of if the photographers were aware that in a least one instance that can be proven, the group was directed to hold signs condemning the London Bridge attacks.

What do you believe about the Muslim protest video? Is the scene purposely staged to make it look as if something that wasn’t happening actually happened, or is it genuine news coverage? Are Katie Hopkins, Mike Cernovich, and others making something out of nothing?

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