Ayesha Curry Photos: Steph Curry’s Wife Dropped 20 Pounds, Shows Off Trim New Figure

Ayesha Curry is showing off a new look, with the popular wife of NBA star Steph Curry showing off pictures of her 20-pound weight loss.

Ayesha has ascended to become the most famous of the NBA wives, grabbing some of the spotlight aside her NBA MVP husband and even branching out with her own brand that includes a cookbook and cooking/lifestyle show. She is getting even more spotlight now that Steph Curry has led the Golden State Warriors to the NBA Finals for the third consecutive season.

Ayesha Curry is a mainstay of the NBA Finals broadcasts, with the camera often catching Ayesha and the couple’s children cheering on dad.

Now, Ayesha is using that fame to share the story about how she was able to lose 20 pounds — all without going on a diet. Though Ayesha is busy with three young children at home, she said she makes time to work out by boxing, tossing a kettlebell, or going to SoulCycle classes, Pop Sugar noted.

Ayesha is also a very careful eater — as she has shown in her cookbook and cooking show.

Curry said she believes other people should follow the same game plan of exercise and healthier eating rather than going on drastic diets.

“I’ve been working my butt off, but I’m not a dieter,” Ayesha told Pop Sugar. “I’m not a nutritionist, but I don’t think people should go on diets and alter their lifestyle. It’s about balance and not depriving yourself of the things you love.” Ayesha held up the cocktail she had in her hand, “I’m here drinking these today, but it’s about portion control. My trainer taught me it’s about densely nutritious food. I eat a lot of beans, smoked fish, light proteins, and avocados. I’m eating a lot, but I’m not eating bad foods. I do enjoy an occasional butter cake when I’m craving it. I think the key to a happy, healthy lifestyle is being happy and healthy in your mind.”

Ayesha Curry shared some pictures of her weight loss on social media, including shots posted to Instagram that showed her new trimmer figure.




Ayesha now shares her healthy living with her husband. In an interview with Hollywood Life, Ayesha said she makes a gameday specialty for her All-Star husband — homemade pasta.

“I’ve made it for the past eight years. It’s the same thing he eats before every game,” Ayesha shared.

Ayesha Curry may have gained fame in recent years as Steph has helped the Golden State Warriors become an NBA powerhouse, but she has actually been in his life for much longer than that. As Hollywood Life noted, the couple met with they were teenagers in a church group in North Carolina. They connected again years later, when Ayesha was living in Los Angeles and Steph came into town for the ESPY Awards.

The couple got married in 2011 and have welcomed two daughters since then, Riley born in 2012 and Ryan born in 2015.

Ayesha is not the only woman in Steph Curry’s family sharing the spotlight. His mother, Sonia, has also enjoyed plenty of screen time during the Warriors’ trips to the NBA Finals. Steph’s dad, former NBA guard Dell Curry, gets a lot of attention as well.

Ayesha Curry will likely get even more spotlight if the Golden State Warriors can pull off their second NBA title in the last three years. After the team’s 2015 championship, Ayesha got plenty of screen time in the celebrations and parade that followed.

More pictures of Ayesha Curry’s weight loss and new trimmer figure can be seen here.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images for Glad]