Wiz Khalifa’s Ex Amber Rose Dodges Million Dollar Lawsuit

Wiz Khalifa’s ex Amber Rose has been through a lot lately. Starting with the cancellation of the Amber Rose Show by VH1 after just one season, and then the shocking burglary incident at her home that left her shaken. Apparently, someone broke into her home while she, her son, mom, assistant, and bodyguards were sleeping.

Her assistant allegedly even woke up and made food, while the intruder was in the house. However, nobody noticed anything till the afternoon, when Amber spotted a broken window. Surveillance cameras apparently caught the moment when the prowler broke in and later on left, after about four hours.

He apparently didn’t steal anything. More news about the investigation by the authorities has yet to be released. However, Wiz Khalifa’s ex, Amber Rose, did talk about the incident while on The Domenick Nati Show, and offered the following.

“[The police] said they could possibly know who it is. They didn’t send me the picture or video yet, so I personally didn’t see anything yet. Emotionally, yeah it was extremely tough. I’m a lot more paranoid.”

Soon after the incident, Wiz Khalifa’s ex Twitter account got hacked. Tweets trolling Beyonce and Tyga, posted via her account sent the internet into a frenzy. Her account posted the following tweet targeting Beyonce.

“Hey @Beyonce I got a secret. I am Becky with the short hair #iaintsorry #,muvalemonade”

This greatly unsettled the Beyhive. However, Amber Rose was quick to announce that her Twitter account had been hacked. The hacker apparently also posted a tweet about Tyga’s music, stating, “Dear Tyga ever since you left Blac Chyna your music has been [trash emojis] it’s always been trash just more than usual.”

This initially caused some wild speculation about Tyga and Amber Rose hooking up. But Amber Rose shot down the rumors, while on The Domenick Nati Show, stating that she would never date Tyga, because he is a close associate of Wiz Khalifa, her baby daddy. The following were her exact words in relation to this.

“I would not date him because he’s my best friend’s son’s father. So I would never date Tyga. I really do actually like Tyga. He’s always been nice to me. I don’t have any ill feelings towards him at all.”

On to more current Amber Rose news, she recently dodged a one million dollar lawsuit after supposedly slandering the name of a Los Angeles strip club dubbed Ace of Diamonds. This was after she told fans that she had bought the Ace of Diamonds, while receiving the Vanguard Award at the All Def Movie Awards ceremony. The following was her proud announcement.


“I was a dancer, I was an exotic dancer, I was stripper for a very long time. Best time of my life, by the way. I had the time of my life. But do y’all know Ace of Diamonds? Well, I bought it. So this is to every girl out there, every stripper, ya’ll can one day be on stage with Russell Simmons, receiving an award.”


According to a previous TMZ report, Amber Rose doesn’t own the club and apparently, SKWS Enterprises, which owned Ace of Diamonds, was suing her for a million bucks. But now, it seems the company has dropped the lawsuit against Wiz Khalifa’s ex. According to a report by Radar, Amber Rose had back in December, filed trademark documents for a business enterprise titled Ace of Diamonds, Inc, but was unsuccessful.


It was supposedly set to offer entertainment services that included live dance performances and exotic dancing. Wiz Khalifa’s ex was given the opportunity to file an appeal in six months. On May 15, SKWS Enterprises reportedly filed court documents dismissing the lawsuit against Amber Rose. The nature of the settlement, if any, is not clear.

[Featured Image by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images for NYLON]