‘The Sims 4’ Pets DLC Rumor: New Leak Hints Horses Scrapped, November Release Date

An interesting new piece of evidence pointing to the long-rumored Pets downloadable content (DLC) expected to be released for The Sims 4 soon once again comes to light.

A known Slovakia retailer called Brloh posted a listing of the DLC, which was referred to as The Sims 4: Dogs and Cats. The release date was listed as November 7. There was neither a description nor images provided.

According to Sims Community, who first found the listing, the listed release date is for the region only while players in North America will likely get The Sims 4 Pets DLC on November 9.

Either way, this suggests that the DLC, which has been rumored for a while and has been referenced in various leaks and even in the game codes, will be released this year.

The most important takeaway from the leak is, of course, the fact that the DLC was titled The Sims 4: Dogs and Cats, which means that there will be no horses in the expansion.

There have been rumors that The Sims 4 Pets DLC will only focus on cats and dogs although it is believed that it did not start that way when it was being developed.

The earliest references to the DLC found by Sims Community in The Sims 4 mentioned dogs, cats, and horses being included. However, the datamining that followed no longer showed signs of the hoofed animal.

Horses as seen in 'The Sims 3'
A screenshot of horses from ‘The Sims 3’ Pets DLC [Image by Maxis and Electronic Arts]

Instead, there were only mentions of dogs and cats and the possible number of species that will be provided in The Sims 4 Pets DLC. This has the abovementioned site believing that the horses were originally planned but were scrapped as Maxis and Electronic Arts went deeper into the development of the expansion.

Back in February, Sims 4 Studio, a fan-made program based on The Sims 4 that allows players to change the colors of the objects and some Create-A-Sim elements listed customizable body parts for cats and dogs, which included the ears, tail, fur ears, fur tail, and fur body.

Last month, as per Sims VIP, well-known The Sims modder named TwistedMexi found codes in the game that suggested that the DLC will allow the pets to walk on surfaces namely counters, bars, the fridge, tables and beds.

While these were the only mentioned surfaces that the cats and dogs could tread on in The Sims 4 DLC, it is believed that there will be far more that will be included.

The same can be said for the inclusion of horses in the DLC. Although the animals were only mentioned once in the game codes before they completely disappeared, Sims Community said that the codes may simply be incomplete, but the site warns fans not to count on that.

Dogs and cats ase seen in 'The Sims 3'
A screenshot of a dog and a cat from ‘The Sims 3’ Pets DLC [Image by Maxis and Electronic Arts]

Horses were included in the Pets DLC that was released in The Sims 3. This expansion actually marked the first time the animals appeared in the long-running video game franchise.

Their addition to The Sims 3 was appreciated by fans as they can do all sorts of exciting stuff including learning how to jump and race. Horses can also breed, be used as a means of transportation by Sims with horseback riding skills, and befriend dogs and cats.

Unfortunately, the horses might not be included in The Sims 4 Pets DLC this time. Whether this will really be the case or not, fans should find out in the months to come.

It is believed that The Sims 4: Dogs and Cats is still in development. Not too long ago, a producer for Maxis revealed that he has done quadrupeds animation, which hinted that the Pets DLC is indeed being worked on.

If the latest leak by Brloh is anything to go by, the horses will be skipped and the DLC will be available to The Sims 4 players this November. Since the retailer is legitimate, Sims Community is convinced it is the real deal.

[Featured Image by Maxis and Electronic Arts]