Jenelle Evans Responds To Ex-Husband’s Deleted Declaration Of Love

Jenelle Evans’ life is nothing if not terribly dramatic. Whether it’s drama with her mother, her boyfriend du jour or ex, Jenelle always has something to say on social media. And she’s taken to Facebook to respond to her ex-husband, Courtland Rogers’ declaration of love for the reality star.

Courtland Rogers and Jenelle Evans were married briefly in 2012, but filed for divorce shortly thereafter. The pair reportedly conceived a child together that Jenelle Evans aborted, though it is unclear if it was before or after the divorce.

Rogers has recently been released from prison on drug related crimes, and has confessed in the past that he and Jenelle Evans used to get high together. During his time in prison, he actually became acquainted with Jenelle Evans’ current husband, David Eason. During this time, he often asked Eason for advice on how to “deal” with Jenelle. Evidently, Eason was so taken with the stories that he decided to wife up Jenelle himself.

Courtland wrote on Twitter (and deleted) an epic declaration of love for Jenelle Evans a couple of days ago.

“I MISS JENELLE LAUREN EVANS SO MUCH THO.. no matter what has happened in the past…ughhh I have to sleep…goodnight,” he penned.

Although Jenelle hasn’t addressed his declaration of love for her via her personal social media, Jenelle Evans often posts rumors and other things about the women on the Teen Mom franchise via her “fan” page.

Posting a link from the website Teen Mom Talk Now, Jenelle Evans posted a headline about Courtland still being obsessed with Jenelle. She (or her “team,” it is unclear if someone else runs the page) posted, “UGH” in response.

The Teen Mom 2 star has certainly had her fair share of men in her life coming back after they’ve already split. Her ex, Nathan Griffith, has famously stated many times on Teen Mom 2 that he thinks he and Jenelle might patch things up and get back together, even though she’s already had a baby with another man.

It looks like Nathan and Jenelle Evans aren’t working things out any time soon, however, as Nathan has accused Jenelle of abusing their son after a photo of him with bruising on his upper arm. It is important to note, however, that there has not been any proof of child abuse or any kind of police investigation, so it seems the accusation was likely as part of his plan to get their son back in their struggle for custody.

Jenelle Evans certainly has a lot more to worry about than an ex sniffing around. The reality TV show star has been fighting with her mother for custody of her son, Jace, for the past few years, in addition to snapping back and forth with her ex over custody of her middle son, Kaiser.

The reality star recently went to court in what she thought would be the final battle to get her son back, but it turned out that she was not granted full custodianship of her son. Instead, she and her mother worked out a plan that would allow her visitation, similar to that of a divorced couple.

Although this isn’t what Jenelle Evans had hoped for at all, at least the pair no longer have to bicker back and forth about who gets to pick up Jace when. Previously, Jenelle Evans has accused her mother of withholding Jace from her, as she was granted visits with him only if she asked and only if her mother agreed to it.

She has, however, vowed to continue to fight for custody of her eldest son and won’t rest until they are fully reunited.

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]