Kayla Berg: ‘Disappeared’ On ID, Spotlights Case Of Missing Teen Last Dropped At Condemned Wisconsin House

Kayla Berg, a 15-year-old teen who vanished from her home in Antigo, Wisconsin, is the subject of the crime show Disappeared on Investigation Discovery, Fox-WSAW reports today. Every week Disappeared retraces the steps of missing people. Kayla Berg’s body has never been found, and police have no idea what happened to her. Two suspects first emerged in the case: Her boyfriend Miguel Marrero, 19, and Kevin Kielcheski, 24, the last known person to be with her. Family members will recount the last time they saw Kayla, and law enforcement officials will give details on where the case stands at this time.

What Really Happened To Kayla Berg?

Disappeared will begin with how Kayla Berg vanished off the streets of Wyoming in August of 2009. She was last seen with Kevin Kielcheski, a friend of her brother, at the McDonald’s in Antigo. From there, no one has seen her since. Kielcheski admitted that he picked Kayla up from her house and drove her to the McDonald’s. However, that wasn’t their last stop. Kayla wanted to see her boyfriend, Miguel, so Kevin drove her to Wausau and dropped her off at his home.

Police asked Kevin Kielcheski if he saw Kayla enter her boyfriend’s residence. He claimed that he had not. As it stands today, Kielcheski, a man almost 10 years older than Kayla, allowed her to walk up the dark driveway and didn’t care enough to see if his young friend had made it inside the house.

Authorities say the night that Kayla Berg was dropped off at that home, it was condemned. No one was living there. In the beginning of the investigation, it wasn’t clear if Kayla Berg, who had only been back in her hometown for a week, knew that no one was living there. Other friends say she definitely knew.

Miguel claimed he never got the chance to see Kayla Berg that night, stating that she never arrived where he was staying. The case, which didn’t come to the attention of police until she had been missing for a week, has baffled them.

Kayla Berg’s mother and father were separated at the time, so there was some confusion as to where Kayla actually was. Kayla’s mother didn’t approve of her daughter’s relationship with her older boyfriend. Authorities say they couldn’t find any leads that connected Kayla to Miguel’s home, according to CNN.

“Cadaver dogs turned up no trail and no scent of Kayla at or near the boyfriend’s home. The car she was riding in was seized and processed for evidence. Police still have the car, but investigators will not comment on the evidence collected. Roller said the biggest problem with the case is that police received information a week after Kayla went missing. He said her friends were uncooperative with police, making it appear as if they might be helping Kayla hide.”

Once Kayla’s mother realized that no one had heard from Kayla, she reported her daughter missing. After several ground searches, the disappearance case eventually went cold until a frightening video surfaced of a man describing the moment he picked up a girl from the mall and brought her back to his home. Kayla’s mother was sure the girl in the video was her daughter. After he told viewers how he met her, the storyteller opens a door to a room behind him that showed a scared teen as she was held hostage.

The video turned out to be a hoax since it was all part of a scary storytelling plot created by producers and actors. For now, no one has been arrested for kidnapping or murder in connection with Kayla Berg. Did Kayla runaway? Could she still be alive?

The Kayla Berg disappearance case was profiled on Crime Watch Daily and Inside Edition. On Investigation Discovery’s Disappeared, find out the latest in the case when it airs tonight at 9/8 p.m. Central.


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