Teen Mistakenly Fires Gun He Received As Graduation Gift At Girlfriend, Accidentally Kills Her

Police in Arlington, Texas, say a teen boy who accidentally fired a gun at his girlfriend while showing off the weapon, which he apparently received as a graduation gift, will not face charges for the girl’s murder.

Officers from the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office say 18-year-old Brennen Fields admitted to shooting the deceased woman, 19-year-old Lucinda Luna, in the stomach at her Arlington home June 1, according to the New York Post, after first being given the weapon by Luna’s father as a high school graduation present.

Luna would, incidentally, die from her injuries the next day at an area hospital.

“By all indications, there was no intent for this to happen,” Shelby County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Earle Farrell relayed to the FOX Carolina Action News Team at a press conference regarding the accident.

Farrell went on to explain that the incident occurred when Fields was showing the weapon off to a group of teens during a graduation celebration inside Luna and her father’s residence on Thursday night.

“He was in the process of putting [the gun] away after [the other teens] handed it back to [Fields],” Farrell explained, “and it went off.”

The single bullet fired from the chamber somehow made its way toward a nearby Lucinda, hitting her in the stomach. Initially surviving the shot, the injured teen was then rushed to a nearby medical facility to be treated for her injuries but died during surgery early Friday morning.

Other teens at the graduation party would later corroborate Field’s retelling of the tragic incident inside of Luna’s home to Shelby County police and as such, the teen shooter was allowed to go free.

“Shelby County Sheriff’s Office officials said there are no plans to file charges against Fields,” the Daily Mail confirms.

Luna’s neighbor, Karalyn Stubblefield, says she found out the teen girl’s passing just hours before she was supposed to head to Lucinda’s house for a previously-planned hangout session with other friends.

A teen gun aficionado accidentally murdered his girlfriend with a firearm he received from her father as a graduation gift. [Image by Double_Vision/iStock]

“When I got home last night, I saw [their] window open and I saw cops walking around, so I knew something horrible happened,” Karalyn stated to FOX Carolina.

“I just found out a couple of hours ago, so I am still kind of distraught.”

The two girls; who were close, according to the heartbroken Karalyn, often bonded through their love of reading books, with one often passing along their latest must-read to the other once they were done perusing the pages, and so on and so on.

“She was always reading,” Stubblefield reminisced vocally.

“Every time I went over there, she was like, ‘here, you need to read this book,” she continued.

As for the teen shooter, Stubblefield remarked that she knew Brennen well through her friendship with Lucinda and somewhere along the way, learned of Fields’ possession of several guns he collected before his ownership of the one given to him after his graduation by Luna’s dad.

“Stubblefield said Fields was experienced with guns, owning several and even going to the gun range frequently,” FOX Carolina further details.

“This is going to hurt real bad for him,” Kara expressed.

“Like, he’s not going to get over this for a long time. I am just worried about Brennan really and her parents too.”

Neither Brennan’s parents nor Luna’s father offered comment regarding the tragic event.

At the press conference, Farrell implored citizens to be more mindful when handling guns, no matter how experienced they feel they may be when using one.

“Just treat every gun as a loaded gun, lock them up, and make sure the people that have guns know what they’re doing,” the law enforcement officer stated.

It is unknown if Luna was also celebrating her graduation that evening.

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