These LG V30 Renders Look Interesting, But The Design Pose A Number Of Usability Problems

The LG V30 is not due for a couple of months, but the internet cannot help but be curious about what it will look like. The company’s V brand has always been innovative, with the V10 and V20 sporting a secondary screen. The same can be expected on the next phablet, but the latest renders suggest that LG is further experimenting with that concept.

LG V30 Mockups

9to5Google reports that notorious tipster Evan Blass released a previous mockup of the LG V30, or Project Joan as it is internally called. The secondary screen is there, but LG took it further by having it slide out to make it bigger. The second screen sits below the main screen, which now has curves as opposed to LG’s current flagships with flat displays. It should have the same function as the one on the LG V20, which displays shortcuts and other information.

Sliding the screen up will extend the second screen, which can then display two rows of apps or display more information. Evan Blass also included renders of some of its functions, such as a keyboard or an extension of the screen.

However, as Blass notes, it is unknown if LG is still considering this idea for the LG V30 or if the company already scrapped it to play with another design. Based on the Twitter users’ feedback, most are liking this fresh take on the BlackBerry Priv’s keyboard and the V20’s secondary screen.

But as expected, there are people who are opposed to the idea of having an unnecessary feature. Because of the slide out feature, the LG V30 mockup looks rather bulky, and it makes the smartphone look long, which may not be too comfortable to hold or use.

Nonetheless, this V30 concept does not confirm anything but LG’s resolution to offer something new, a feature that the iPhone and Galaxy S flagships have yet to think of. This only tells fans to have high expectations for the upcoming phablet.

LG V30 Patent

It can be noted that the LG V30 mockups do not look at all like the patent discovered previously, which features the secondary screen in its original spot at the top aligned with the camera. The patent, which the Inquisitr previously reported on, that was assumed to be of the V30 showed a few changes from its predecessor (like the front camera being moved from the corner to the middle), but there was nothing too drastic like having a slide-out screen.

Unlike the renders above, a bezel-less display with a refreshed secondary panel configuration is realistic. It does not stray too far from the looks of the LG V20 and the G6 so that it will fit right into LG’s smartphone lineup.

However, nothing can be proven for now. It is well likely that LG is already in the middle of the V30’s development, or the company might have already finalized its design, but leaks are seldom to come by so there is not much that is known about the phablet.

Nonetheless, with the success of the LG V20, the V30 has high expectations to meet. It should have only the latest equipment unlike the flagship smartphone that only has a Snapdragon 821 when there is already an 835 chip. A dual-camera set-up is also expected as it is quickly becoming cliché.

The world will see whether the LG V30 will have a slide out secondary screen or not this fall. It is likely to be revealed in September, which is also when its predecessor was unveiled last year. Tune in for more updates regarding LG’s next phablet.

[Featured Image by Lee Jin-man/AP Images]

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