LG V30 Specs, Release Date, Update: Everything We Know About The LG V20 Successor

The LG V20’s release in the U.S. was largely successful, setting the bar high for its successor. The mobile community is now looking forward to the LG V30, which has recently been the subject of recent reports of an interesting second screen feature.

LG V30 Design

SlashGear recently unearthed a patent that shows a smartphone with looks borrowed from the LG V20 and the LG G6. The smartphone described in the patent might very well be the upcoming LG V30, as it shows a second screen at the top of the display with the front-facing camera in the middle.

The secondary display is the distinguishing feature of LG’s V series and presents a row of icons aligned with the selfie camera. This time, though, the LG V30 is shaking it up by placing the camera right in the middle. To the left are the app shortcuts and to the right are the music player buttons.

Not only that, the LG V30 might also have a full-display front as the screen takes up most of the space. Even the bezel at the top has been greatly reduced with no more room for the sensors and the speaker grille, the locations of which are yet unknown. But speculations suggest that these could be housed beneath the screen.

Think the LG G6 with the screen taking up the top bezel while retaining the bottom bezel and you have the LG V30. This also indicates that LG will remain faithful to flat screens, even though curved displays are all the rage right now.

LG V30 Specs

The LG G6 arrived sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, yet the latest chip from the company is the Snapdragon 835. The Samsung Galaxy S8 had it and more flagships to come are also expected to come equipped with the latest. Does this mean that the LG V30 will go the same route?

Not necessarily, according to PocketLint. This time, the LG V30 is expected to be released with the top specs, which naturally include a Snapdragon 835 paired with at least 4GB RAM. It is also likely to come with 32GB and 64GB internal storage options with the capability to expanded through a microSD slot.

The LG V30 might also have 3,300 mAh battery similar to the LG G6 or higher. But unlike the smartphone, the phablet’s battery should be non-removable. The LG G6’s rear cameras are also likely to be carried over to its bigger cousin, which means that fans can expect two 13-megapixel cameras at the back with optical image stabilization. The front camera, however, should be enhanced.

[Image by Emilio Morenatti/AP Images]

LG V30 Release Date

The first time that the LG V30 was acknowledged was at the Google I/O event, that concluded on Saturday, May 20. Google did not specifically mention the phablet, but it did confirm that the South Korean company is launching a second flagship later this year, which can only be the V30.

That is also the last time that the LG V30 was hinted at, which means that details about it are scarce. Fans can only guess when the release date is and the most probable rumor as of the moment is that the device will be revealed in September.

Its predecessor, the LG V20, was unveiled in September of last year, so exactly a year after is a good time to announce a successor. But it can also be revealed a couple of weeks earlier or later, as the LG V10 was officially announced in October. That puts the LG V30’s release date sometime in late August to early October.

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