Rumors Heat Up That Jinder Mahal Is On Steroids — Natural Bodybuilder Thinks The Champion Should Be Tested

At the beginning of April, Jinder Mahal was moved from Monday Night Raw to SmackDown Live in the Superstar Shake-Up, and he has been the center of attention ever since. The current WWE Champion is preparing to defend his title against Randy Orton next month at Money In The Bank, but first, he has to deal with some nasty allegations. Mahal has decided to address the rumors that he is on steroids and let the world know just what’s going on with him.

Earlier this month at Backlash, Mahal won his first-ever title in Vince McMahon’s company when he captured the WWE Championship from Randy Orton. Now, he is the face of SmackDown Live and hoping to hold onto the title as long as he possibly can.

As he continues to be in the spotlight for his quick rise to success, Jinder Mahal is having to deal with some rumors that aren’t the most flattering to him or WWE. A lot of people have been wondering about his physique which shows him extremely chiseled and in the best shape of his life, but is it natural?

Mahal has had to deal with a lot of his fans accusing him of being on steroids or performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs) with their comments on Instagram. He has had a huge change to his look and body, and he’s not ignoring their words.

In a recent interview with GQ, Jinder Mahal addressed the accusations that his fans have been throwing at him on social media. When it comes to the topic of him using PEDs to enhance his look, Mahal is letting the whole world know that he takes legal supplements and protein and that he has an extreme workout regimen.

“I don’t think people realize the hard work that goes into it. Nobody sees the work I’m putting in the gym. Nobody sees me doing cardio first thing in the morning. Nobody sees me lugging around that suitcase. And just generally, people don’t have that much knowledge about diet and the effects that diet alone can have on your body. If you see a bodybuilder before they’re in competition shape to when they get into competition shape, that’s all dieting, carb cutting, and macronutrients. I mean, you can totally transform yourself just by cutting carbs and even something as simple as drinking a gallon of water a day. The average person—like, 90 percent of the average population—is dehydrated. That’s another thing that I do now, which has been a huge key.”

The official website of WWE made sure to pick up on the interview and point out that Mahal has been working out hard and dieting right to get into shape. Unfortunately, there are others out there who don’t have the same faith in him that his company does.

Natural bodybuilder Nick Miller spoke on his YouTube channel “Nick’s Strength and Power” about Jinder Mahal and his rise to stardom in WWE. You can hear it directly from Miller, but he is not so sure that Mahal achieved his new physique in a natural fashion.

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Nick Miller discusses Mahal’s push in the company and even pulls up the WWE Wellness Policy which is listed on the official website. In his YouTube video, Miller points out a number of substances that Mahal may or could have used to build up his body into the shape it is now.

As pointed out by Wrestling Inc., it is important to notice that Miller pointed out the part of the Wellness Policy that talks about “reasonable suspicion for testing.”

Miller details four different signs that Mahal could be on steroids:

  • Extreme vascularity
  • “Extreme almost unreasonable level” of low body fat and leanness
  • Mahal’s quick transformation from “dad bod” to his current look and how it has changed match-by-match
  • Mahal has gynecomastia which is a condition caused by a hormonal imbalance or elevated estrogen levels which could be the result of a non-fully recovered steroid cycle

At the end of it all, Nick Miller believes WWE needs to test Jinder Mahal for steroids based off of the exact words of their Wellness Policy.

Jinder Mahal isn’t going to let horrible allegations made against him and the suspicions of others go past him without acknowledgment. The current WWE Champion on SmackDown Live did not shy away when accused of being on steroids and he’s letting the world know that it is fine to think that, but they’re wrong. Still, the company takes their Wellness Policy seriously and may end up thinking twice about the suspicions and words of bodybuilder Nick Miller.

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