New Nokia 3310 (2017) Drop Test: Is It As Sturdy As The Original Phone?

The new Nokia 3310 is now available in multiple countries around the world. With a refreshed design and added features, consumers need not much convincing to buy a cheap phone with very basic functions. The brand speaks for itself and the model number brings back memories of the good old days when a drop would not worry owners that much.

The original Nokia 3310 remained popular throughout the decades for being as tough as a rock. Does the new version do it justice? Let’s find out.

New Nokia 3310 Drop Test

Upon getting a Nokia 3310 unit, BusinessInsider just had to test its durability. Nowadays, a drop from three feet can wreck an ultra expensive smartphone. Will it do the same to the successor of the legendary phone?

Of course not. First of all, the Nokia 3310 does not have enough screen real estate that would make it more susceptible to shattering. Second, falling at the height of a pocket should not be a big deal to the handset.

The drop test by the publication revealed that the new Nokia 3310 can stay alive at the height of the fourth floor but not exactly still usable. The first drop, from the height of an average guy’s pocket, caused a few minor scuffs, but the phone is still working 100 percent.

The second drop at shoulder height had the same results and the third one from the roof of the first floor had a slightly different outcome. More marks were present then and the Nokia 3310’s battery flew out from the impact. Reassembling it, though, returned it to normal working condition.

Then, the next test took it further. The publication brought the phone to the fourth floor of the building and dropped it to the ground. As expected, the phone shattered, but it still worked. It only died when it was thrown against a wall, which is not out of the norm.

But was it able to make the old Nokia 3310 proud?

Old Nokia 3310 Drop Test

A video from YouTube user SuperSaf TV pitted the new and old against each other. The YouTuber took both phones up to the second floor and up to this point, the new Nokia 3310 did not break apart unlike in the drop test above. However, the original Nokia 3310 always fell apart at shoulder height. From the second floor, almost all parts of the phone flew away from each other.

Other YouTube users commented that the old Nokia 3310’s defense mechanism is to disassemble to disperse the impact of the drop. This is actually effective. Once the phone has been put back together, it continued working like a charm.


Based on these two tests and from several others, the new Nokia 3310 is worthy to carry on the name of one of the most renowned handsets of all time. The bonus is that the 2017 model has a bunch of upgrades for the needs of a modern human.

The Nokia 3310 is now more lively with a color screen and an enhanced version of the classic mobile game Snake. It is also now equipped with a two-megapixel camera and an Opera browser. But it is important to note that it is still intended to be a basic phone with an old-school keypad and without apps.

It is perfect as a backup phone as it can last 31 days on standby. So, if users ever find themselves in a situation where their high-tech smartphone has run out of battery, they can rely on the new Nokia 3310 to text or call someone.

New Nokia 3310 features are apt for the current generation
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