Are Rihanna And LeBron James In A Secret Relationship? Rumors Fly After Rihanna’s NBA Finals Appearance

Could Rihanna and LeBron James be in a secret relationship?

It’s once again the NBA Finals, meaning that LeBron had made his now-annual trip to the final round of the NBA Playoffs. It has been seven consecutive seasons that a team led by LeBron has made the NBA Finals — the third straight for Cleveland, with the Miami Heat playing in four straight prior to that — and once again the appearance has sparked speculation that the friendship between LeBron and Rihanna could be something more.

In the first game of this season’s NBA Finals, Rihanna was on the sidelines to cheer on LeBron James and to jeer members of the Golden State Warriors. As Bleacher Report noted, Rihanna had some sideline heckling of Kevin Durant.

“KD went 7-of-8 from the free throw line, taking care of his business on the way to a monster 38-point game. That didn’t stop Rihanna—who caused ABC color commentator Jeff Van Gundy to spit up his chewing gum and do an old-timey double-take when she arrived at her courtside seats—from throwing out a hearty ‘BRICK!’ heckle when Durant stepped to the charity stripe. This started the beef, and Durant tossed the eight-time Grammy winner a pointed stare as he ran back on defense.”

The friendship between LeBron James and Rihanna goes back a long way, with the Grammy-winning singer often showing up on the sidelines to root him on. But that has also led to plenty of speculation that there may be more to the relationship, including frequent rumors that the two are secretly dating.That was the speculation circulating across social media, just like the start of the NBA Finals last year when Rihanna shared a picture of herself in a bikini with sunscreen in the shape of the number 23, LeBron’s jersey number.

As Hollywood Life noted at the time, the two have been very close in the past.

“As we know, RiRi is a huge fan of LeBron’s, and has even flown across the country on his private plane to see him play basketball. When attending a game with her girlfriend Melissa Forde in 2015, in a video posted to Melissa’s Instagram page you hear Rihanna say, ‘LeBron, here we come, baby!'”

The rumors were even more prevalent in 2015, when Rihanna reportedly flew on LeBron’s private jet to sit courtside for Game 1 on the NBA Finals. She was later spotted outside the Cavaliers locker room.

Now that there have been three straight years of Rihanna appearances to cheer on LeBron, most celebrity news outlets have caught on that they’re just friends and are no longer pushing the angle that the two are in a secret affair. But many fans are still speculating on social media.

That’s especially been the case given the rumors in recent weeks that Rihanna may be pregnant.

As Oxygen noted, the rumors have been sparked by a string of appearances for the pop star wearing very loose-fitting clothing.

“Fans of Rihanna have noticed that not only has she been wearing a lot of oversized clothing lately, she’s also been posting a ton of throwback pics on Instagram,” the report noted, adding, “Add to that recent paparazzi pics of Rihanna looking a bit thicker than usual, and a number of fans are basically convinced that she’s going to be the next celeb to have a baby.”

Despite the rumors, there are no real signs that LeBron James and Rihanna are in a relationship. LeBron remains happily married to wife, Savannah Brinson, his high school sweetheart who he wed in 2013. The couple has three children together.

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