Leah Messer Slammed Over Photos Of Her Daughters In Two Piece Bathing Suits

Leah Messer of Teen Mom 2 has been slammed in the past for allowing her daughters, particularly Gracie, to wear clothing or make-up that fans feel isn’t age appropriate. Today, however, she was blasted for allowing her daughters to wear bathing suits that people felt were a little too racy for her 7-year-old twins.

The reality TV star shared a Snapchat photo of her twins, and younger daughter, Addie, with several children from either school or the neighborhood in bathing suits. It appears the group had just been swimming or playing in an inflatable pool, and the young mom of three captioned it “Friday pool dayy (sic) with friends.”

Several people responded to the photo, saying she was encouraging her children to pose provocatively or that she should not have posted a photo of her daughters wearing “bikinis.” However, both girls were clearly wearing two pieces that were made for and are appropriate for girls of that age.

In the past, Leah has caught flack for allowing her daughter, Gracie, to wear heavy make-up for cheerleading competitions. This had been the 7-year-old’s main hobby for a long time, although it appears she has since given it up to try her hand at basketball.

Although several fans came down hard on Leah Messer for allowing her child to wear such heavy make-up, others defended the decision.

Leah Messer's daughters with friends
Leah Messer's daughters with friends [Image by Leah Messer/Snapchat]

“You’re so right! She’s competing so they are required to have make up. Probably visible so the judges can see it and their faces aren’t washed out. People will complain about anything!!” One fan wrote underneath a photo of Leah and Gracie after a cheerleading competition.

Being on Teen Mom 2, however, means that you’re constantly under fire and under pressure to be a supermom. Many of Leah Messer co-stars, particularly Kailyn Lowry, have expressed that they have been bullied or harassed online as a result of their parenting decisions.

Leah Messer, however, is one teen mom that has mostly kept out of the spotlight. Despite possibly dealing with drug issues and having been to rehab to deal with mental health problems, the star is living a relatively quiet life as she works from home with her LipSense business and totes the girls back and forth to different activities.

Although Leah’s daughter, Ali, has a rare form of muscular dystrophy, Leah has posted that both she and her twin sister are now participating in softball where they play on the same team.

Leah Messer has told MTV cameras that she is interested in focusing on herself now and not having a boyfriend or romantic interest. However, rumors have been swirling recently that she and her ex-husband, Jeremy Calvert, who is the father of her youngest daughter, Addie, has rekindled his romance with the reality TV star.

A man named Scott Ayre recently came forward saying he and Leah dated for a while and that he wants the Teen Mom 2 star back. He told the press that he doesn’t think they will get back together, however, because he believes she and her ex-husband are trying to work things out.

In last season of Teen Mom 2, Leah Messer was documented being admitted to West Virginia State University and enrolled there. Although she confessed she didn’t know what she wanted to major in, she said she is thinking about majoring in communications. If she completes her degree, she will be the second woman on the franchise to complete a four-year degree.

She had previously begun a course at a beauty school but eschewed returning because it would interfere with the scheduled time she already has with her daughters and she didn’t want anything coming between them.

[Featured Image by Leah Messer/Instagram]