‘Better Call Saul’ Season 3 Episode 8 Airs Next week, See The Synopsis and Trailer

Better Call Saul did not air this week; however, Season 3 returns next week with Episode 8 titled: “Slip.” The air date is June 5, and AMC has released a sneak peek trailer of Episode 8, which features Mike getting to work in the underworld, presumably for Gus Fring.

AMC released a synopsis for Episode 8 of Better Call Saul and it states the following: “Jimmy is pushed to desperate measures; Nacho picks up a skill; Mike explores an alliance, Kim stands up to Hamlin.”

In the previous episode, Nacho is forced to choose between his father and Hector. Nacho begins to construct a plan to get rid of Hector Salamanca. He contacts Pryce to acquire empty capsules to replace Hector’s heart medication with fake pills or poison. Mike, who was hesitant to act as Pryce’s bodyguard, follows him to the meeting and discovers why Nacho wants to kill Hector.

Mike promises not to get involved, but advises him to swap the pills back so that the deception is not discovered or traced back to him.

Fans of Breaking Bad know that it was implied that Hector had a stroke some time in the past, which rendered him unable to speak or move. With this knew development with Nacho, Better Call Saul may reveal how Hector ended up having a severe stroke.

The trailer of Episode 8 shows that Jimmy is still doing his community service and is still working on filming commercials to fill the slots he paid for. Kim is seen taking on her former employer Hamlin where she is seen justifying defending a client.

In another sneak peek of Better Call Saul, Kim is having dinner with her Mesa Verde clients as they praise her for the excellent work on the case. Hamlin interrupts the dinner for some small talk and the Mesa Verde clients credit Kim Wexler’s work for their recent expansion as Hamlin gives Kim a passive aggressive compliment and refers to her as a protege.

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Kim defends her actions to Hamlin and is likely referring to the case where she represented Jimmy against his brother Chuck. She has been feeling guilty over attacking Chuck’s credibility due to his mental illness.

Gus gains a new ally on Monday’s #BetterCallSaul.

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It also seems like Jimmy’s plan to get the insurance company to investigate Chuck is working. Chuck is seen in the trailer wondering what he has done wrong and Hamlin tells him that there is a problem. Krazy 8 is seen meeting with Nacho again as he came up short with the money last time and promised to make it up the following week. Mike seems to be working closer with Gus, as Nacho is seen crushing powder to poison Hector.

Co-creator of Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad Vince Gilligan spoke with Den of Geek to explain the similarities between the two shows.

“I think this season is a season in which fans of Breaking Bad are going to be really satisfied. This year, more than ever before, there’s more of a conjoining and nexus of the worlds between the two shows. The best way that I can put it is that I was saying to Peter Gould after I finished watching the mix of an upcoming episode, ‘Man, I feel like I just watched the 63rd episode of Breaking Bad.’ I was so pleased and blown away. I think folks who love Breaking Bad are in for a real treat and on the other hand, folks who really only know Better Call Saul or perhaps Breaking Bad was a little too rough and violent for them, they’re still going to love this season.”

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