OnePlus 5 Confirmed To Have What The Galaxy S8 Did Not, Specs And Features Revealed Ahead Of Release Date

It is a widely believed rumor that the OnePlus 5 will have a dual-camera set-up. Previous specs and render leaks all point to the feature and now, it has been confirmed that the Chinese flagship will indeed sport dual cameras at the back, drawing a clear advantage over one of its greatest competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The confirmation comes from what AndroidAuthority claims to be the official OnePlus 5 packaging. The publication released a photo of the box with the tagline, “Dual Camera. Clearer Photos.”

With that, it would seem that the OnePlus 5 camera will be its pride, offering next-gen photography experience. Of course, that is aside from the smartphone’s price, which is the main reason why people are drawn to the brand.

Now that the rumors have been put to rest, what the mobile community is itching to know next is the camera arrangement. Alleged renders, promotional materials, and actual models were not consistent in the location and the position of the dual cameras, so those are surprises still.

It is also yet unknown how the Chinese mobile maker will pull off its own version of dual cameras. The report speculates that the set-up will be a combination of a monochrome sensor and an RGB sensor, which would be different than expected. The usual set-up includes wide angle lens, which is seen on the LG G6 and probably on the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

OnePlus 5 Confirmed Specs

OnePlus does not like keeping its fans in the dark about its smartphones. By now, there are a couple of specs that the Chinese company confirmed ahead of the OnePlus 5 reveal. One of which is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chip that has been hinted at several times before.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the processor, paired with an undetermined amount of RAM, allows the OnePlus 5 to run fast. It might even be faster than the Galaxy S8 as suggested by the tests performed on the two smartphones plus the Pixel XL.

The test recorded the time it takes for various apps to open on each device. The results? OnePlus 5 is the fastest to open each app but two, both of which goes to the Pixel XL. Heavy games and normal apps were included in the test, such as NBA 2K16, Real Racing 3, Facebook, Gmail and Instagram.

Another feature that the company directly confirmed is the location of the fingerprint scanner. The position has become an issue once Samsung introduced the Infinity Display and moved the sensor to the rear and now consumers are curious what step OnePlus 5 will take.

As it turns out, the OnePlus 5 is retaining the fingerprint scanner on the front, CEO Pete Lau revealed. This could mean that the mobile maker has achieved what Samsung did not on the Galaxy S8: embedding the sensor on the screen. But, this could also likely mean that the physical home button will still be there.

The latter possibility is more likely since the OnePlus 5 is still expected to be a low-cost phone. With great specs and dual cameras, OnePlus would have to sacrifice another facet of the flagship and it might just be the design. Nonetheless, there are only speculations available when it comes to the looks of the OnePlus 5. The company will likely keep it as a mystery until the grand reveal. As to when that is, reports point to June 15.

OnePlus 5 Release Date

Two supposed leaks revealed that the OnePlus 5 is set to be released in mid-June. The first evidence is an internal email that hinted at a June 15 release date. The email obtained by GizmoChina was reportedly talking about making publicity arrangements for the flagship. So, is the “leak” part of the publicity?

The second evidence looks to be a poster for the OnePlus 5 event happening on June 15, BGR reported. The image below was posted on the Chinese social media website Weibo, so fans should not be too keen on believing this one.

June 15 release date or not, OnePlus 5 is expected to be arriving soon. The company already announced a summer reveal, so the mobile community should not have to wait too long.

[Featured Image by Esa Riutta/Shutterstock]