Carli Bitterman, Jeffrey Dennis: ‘Fatal Vows’ Investigates Wyoming Murder By Former Police Officer On ID

Carli Dennis, aka Carli Bitterman, a police officer’s wife, was shot dead in her Wyoming home 11 years ago. Now, her story will be investigated on Investigation Discovery’s Fatal Vows, Citizens Voice is reporting today. According to court records, Jeffrey Dennis, a veteran cop, shot his wife and tried to make it look like a suicide. He received a sentence of life in prison for the crime. On Fatal Vows, the murder of Carli Dennis will be re-enacted and analyzed by Stacy Kaiser and Dr. Brian Russell. The story episode is titled “Rookie Murder: The Bitterman Case.”

Carli Dennis, 30, was found dead inside her home in Wyoming, Pennsylvania. Investigators noticed that she had a wound to the head. An autopsy report performed on the victim later confirmed that Carli Dennis had died of a single gunshot wound to the skull.

Carli Dennis’ husband, Jeffrey Dennis, 35, stated that his wife killed herself after they argued. Seasoned detectives examining the crime scene noticed some inconsistencies in the evidence and Jeffrey Dennis’ statements. Although the autopsy had confirmed Carli had been shot, a definite manner of death was hard to confirm.

For a while, it was Jeffrey Dennis’ word against the silence of a dead woman. Speaking on her behalf, several co-workers at the 911 call center, where Carli Dennis worked as a dispatch operator, told investigators that she had complained many times about her abusive husband.

Jeffrey Dennis was a Dallas Township police officer, who had been on the force for 15 years. Jeffrey and Carli Dennis had married nine years prior, but the relationship began to deteriorate due to Jeff Dennis’ jealousy and ballooning weight.

According to co-workers, the abuse had increased to the point that Carli Bitterman Dennis no longer wanted to live with Jeffrey. She had also taken on a lover, who worked at the 911 call center with her. Prosecutors say that Jeffrey Dennis killed Carlie after he found out about the office affair.

This was hard to believe since Jeffrey Dennis was known to be a good cop. However, Carli’s friends say her husband had put a gun to her head and threatened to kill her. Jeffrey Dennis also threatened to make it look like a suicide. The defense did not prove the suicide angle, and a jury found Jeffrey Jerome Dennis guilty of murder, according to the Times Leader.

“After he was found guilty, Jeff Dennis said nothing. Not to the judge at sentencing. Not as he was being taken back to prison. He dropped his head to a table when the verdict was read. Then he sobbed. Police and prosecutors said Jeff Dennis fired a single shot through his 30-year-old wife’s head as she slept.”

Carli Dennis’ family was glad that Jeffrey was found guilty but said it still doesn’t bring Carli back. Her obituary states that she was a native of New York.

“She was born in Auburn, NY, on January 4, 1976 and was the daughter of Jill C. (Tomandl) Bitterman of Fort Myers, FL and William R. Bitterman of Clarks Summit, PA. Carli was a 911 dispatcher for Luzerne County Communication Center for the past 8 years and had her own craft business, Crafts by Carli.”

ID’s Fatal Vows will provide a detailed timeline of the tragic events. The murder took place at 159 Ninth Street.

The case of Carli Bitterman Dennis is eerily similar to the murder of Sherri Bethel Cartmell, who was shot dead in her home by husband, Deon Cartmell, a police officer. In that case, Deon Cartmell staged the scene and tried to make his wife’s death look like a suicide.

The murder, which became the subject of a TV One Fatal Attraction episode, is discussed here. Fatal Vows will air the story of Jeffrey and Carli Dennis this Saturday, June 3, at 10/9 p.m. Central on Investigation Discovery.

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