Josh And Anna Duggar: Why Is Josh Banned From Using Smartphones?

The marriage of Josh and Anna Duggar has seen some tough times through the years. But with Josh now two years removed from sex addiction rehab and the cheating scandal that brought it on, a new report claims he’s not allowed to do one thing most other people can do without any complications — use a smartphone. Why is this supposedly the case?

A report from Radar Online cited an anonymous insider who revealed details on how Josh Duggar is dealing with life after sex rehab. According to the source, the former 19 Kids and Counting star cannot use a smartphone because it’s part of keeping him away from the tools he allegedly used to cheat on his wife, Anna.

“Since everything that happened with his extramarital online ‘dating’ he still isn’t allowed to have a smartphone. A smartphone was how he used to get away with the OKCupid, Ashley Madison and fake Twitter accounts.”

Although it may seem like an inconvenience for Josh, Anna Duggar appears to have some peace of mind with the new arrangement, which has the 29-year-old reality star-turned used car salesman carrying two flip phones instead. Radar Online‘s source added that one of the phones is for business, while suggesting that Josh’s used car lot hasn’t been doing good business as of late.

In recent months, Josh and Anna Duggar have reportedly been having a rough go at things financially, with Josh having experienced something no used car salesman wants to go through – seeing a customer drive off with a car after ostensibly taking it out for a test drive. Apparently, Josh had forgotten to take a copy of the customer’s driver’s license, which allowed him to take off with the vehicle.

Another notable challenge Josh and Anna Duggar are facing is Josh’s June 22 court date, where he shall come face-to-face with Los Angeles disc jockey Matt McCarthy, who sued him for unauthorized use of his photo on dating sites Ashley Madison and OKCupid and on the aforementioned Twitter accounts. McCarthy sued Josh in August 2016, claiming he was tipped off on the allegedly illicit use by his high school teacher. This led to Matt getting ridiculed as “Duggar’s Boy Toy” and “DJ Duggar,” with many others, including his old teacher, repeatedly asking him about his connection with Josh.

The Duggar family in 2007, with Josh Duggar in the back row, third from right. [Image by Beth Hall/AP Images]

Despite reports of troubles at the used car lot, Josh’s upcoming court date, and the new claims that Josh Duggar’s sex rehab fallout includes a ban on smartphones, he and his wife are eagerly awaiting another addition to their family, as previously reported. The couple made the announcement on their personal blog in March, talking about how they “quietly worked” to save their marriage and rebuild their lives following Josh’s “breach of trust.” And with a baby boy on the way sometime this year, Josh and Anna Duggar are optimistic for the future.

Still, Radar Online hinted that there may also be a reason behind the two-year wait between the birth of Josh and Anna’s last child, Meredith Grace, in July 2015, and the upcoming birth of their fifth child. The publication’s sources suggest that the couple abstained from sex after Josh emerged from his “faith-based” sex rehab program, Reformers Anonymous, in accordance to the program’s rules.

This is, however, not the first time reports have suggested that the oldest Duggar child is not allowed to use smartphones. In 2016, the Inquisitr wrote that with Josh and Anna Duggar trying to rebuild their marriage and recover from the cheating scandal, Anna had banned her husband from using the devices, or any other phone that would allow him to send or receive picture messages. Josh’s father, Jim Bob, had also chimed in with his own thoughts on smartphones at the time, calling them deadly enough to “steal somebody’s soul,” due to the possibility of “dangerous images” popping up without notice on a variety of apps.

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