‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 539: Is Natsu Really Gone? The Crack In The Sky Could Mean Their Trouble Is Far From Over

Surprisingly, Fairy Tail Chapter 539 is expected to deliver an action-packed story despite the manga series almost nearing its end. Fans are hoping that the upcoming installment will reveal the meaning of the crack in the sky introduced in the previous chapter and, hopefully, some explanation on Natsu’s sudden disappearance.

The Effect of Zeref’s Death

Fairy Tail Chapter 538, which is already available on Manga Stream, finally revealed the connection Zeref had with the Book of END. With great effort, Lucy was able to finish writing all of the Fairy Tail guild members’ memories into the book in a bid to halt Natsu’s transformation into a demon.

However, something totally unexpected started to happen. The words, which previously floated away from the book, started to return to its pages on their own. Even the patterns that appeared on Lucy’s body when she tampered with the Book of END disappeared as well. And then she suddenly collapsed, startling both Gray and Happy.

But it was all for the better, at least as far as Lucy is concerned. She found herself suddenly feeling well and no longer suffered from that intense heat inside her body. Without any warning, the Book of END started to disintegrate, which, as Gray correctly concluded, meant that Zeref died.

But the book’s dissolution triggered a troubling realization in Happy and Lucy. Both realized that since Zeref died, it could also mean Natsu could be nearing his end as well since it was the Black Wizard who resurrected him, a Fairy Tail manga speculation that was also discussed in a previous article by the Inquisitr. To their relief, Natsu arrived then, seemingly unaffected by either the Book of END’s disintegration and his older brother’s death.

Is Natsu Really Gone?

After a brief but joyous reunion, Gray, Lucy, Happy, and Natsu decided to go back to the Guild Hall to join the others. On their way to the Guild, everyone was busy making plans now that their war against Zeref is over. Lucy was planning to catch up on some reading and writing while Gray revealed his plans to apologize to Juvia, which should probably be translated as plans of being more romantically involved with her after ignoring her fellings for him for so long.

Meanwhile, Natsu and Happy followed the two a few steps behind. Happy finally noticed that his friend’s arms were pretty burned and injured. Natsu agreed and planned to have it healed by Wendy when they later met. Eventually, the group’s talk reached Lucy’s plan to go on an adventure to find Aquarius Key. However, when everyone looked behind them to ask what Natsu’s plans are now that the battle is over, he was nowhere to be found.

What could have happened to Natsu? It now appears that previous speculations were correct: Natsu’s life is indeed connected with the Book of END as well as with Zeref. While it may have come as a shock, many are still hopeful that Hiro Mashima will find a way to introduce the character back into the storyline.

Since this is Fairy Tail, there are plenty of ways any character could come back from the dead. For instance, time travel has always been an accepted means of explaining events that may be considered hard to justify in other series, such as Lucy meeting her future self. There are also a number of mages who possess some limited capacity of time reversal, where things can go back the way they were by resetting the hand of time in the hope of undoing some misstep. And then there is the plain old resurrection, which is the entire premise of Natsu being alive despite having died 400 years ago. It should be interesting what route Hiro Hashima will take to resurrected the Fire Dragon Slayer, which could happen in the coming Fairy Tail Chapter 539.

“World Collapse” Speculations

However, it appears that the mages were a bit too early in trying to celebrate their victory. In fact, all indications suggest that their troubles are far from over, and a challenge is yet to arrive in Fairy Tail Chapter 539.

The biggest hint is in the title of the upcoming installment. Titled “World Collapse,” it seems to suggest that threat of global proportions is yet to reveal itself in Fairy Tail Chapter 539.

In fact, the hint of where the trouble could come from is already given the last chapter. As Jellal, Erza and Wendy’s group is still trying to catch their breath after successfully sealing away the Black Dragon at the cost of Ichiya and Anna’s lives, Wendy was started when she noticed some cracks appearing in the sky.

What could be causing those cracks? Whatever it is, it must surely be powerful enough to shatter even the barriers between dimensions. As far as strong opponents are concerned, only one entity comes to mind at this point, the strongest of them all, Acnologia.

Has the Black Dragon found a way to claw his way out of the Ravines of Time? Be sure to stay tuned for the latest updates on Fairy Tail Chapter 539.

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