‘Fairy Tail’ Chapter 538: Is Someone Going To Die In ‘When The Flames Die Out?’

With the hit manga series nearing its end, it can’t be helped for fans to have mixed feelings while waiting for Fairy Tail Chapter 538. Fans are definitely excited on what the chapter could bring given its mysterious title “When the Flames Die Out,” but at the same time, it is also a sad wait because its arrival is a reminder to fans that the manga series is one chapter closer to its end.

How Mavis Freed Zeref From The Curse Of Contradiction

The recently released Fairy Tail Chapter 537, which can be read at Manga Stream, finally revealed what Mavis had planned for Zeref all along. While Natsu soundly defeated the Black Wizard, he did not really want to kill his own brother. Instead, he was seen in the previous chapter leaving the Guild Headquarters after saying “Later, big bro,” perhaps an indication that he still wants to see him again.

Previous Fairy Tail manga speculations reported by the Inquisitr were indeed correct as far as Mavis releasing Zeref from the Curse of Contradiction, also known as Ankhseram Black Magic. In the past chapters, Mavis mentioned that she finally figured out how to defeat the Black Wizard, but it was only later revealed that it is a process that even Mavis, as the first Fairy Tail Guild Master, did not really want to go through if other options were available.

Surprisingly, it was revealed that Mavis was likewise afflicted with the Curse of Contradiction. Thus, one way to defeat the Black Wizard was to activate it in his presence, a seemingly easy task for her since she is in love with him.

The Ankhseram Black Magic is probably one of the cruelest curses introduced in the series. A person under the curse could not love freely as the Contradictory Curse will activate if one genuinely cares for someone else. Thus, the unlucky soul afflicted with the curse must learn to remove feelings of love or they will kill the person they hold most dear. It may have granted Zeref immortality but, at the expense of losing the privilege to love as freely as he desires, immortality no longer feels a blessing, but a torment that he must endure forever.

Mavis’ plan was straightforward, she just needed to reawaken her love for Zeref for her Contradictory Curse to kick in and reduce the Black Wizard to ashes. But it was not an easy task for Mavis to kill Zeref and free him from his curse. While she knew that it was the right thing to do for all the evil things he did, she can’t deny that she does not really want him dead. She wants to be with him forever. In the end, Mavis got what she wanted.

Zeref was thankful that Mavis has finally found a way to end his life, to put him out of his misery. But he was not meant to be alone in his final journey. As he began to loosen his grip on his feelings, he also acknowledged that he deeply cared for Mavis, activating his own Curse of Contradiction. Thus, both immortals annihilated one another by embracing their true feelings.

“When the Flames Die Out” Speculations

And now it’s time for some exciting Fairy Tail Chapter 538 speculations. As with previous chapters, the title usually gives hints on what surprises the upcoming installment could bring.

Unfortunately, the title for the manga’s 538th chapter does not seem to be a good indication of what is to come. Titled “When the Flames Die Out,” it appears as a warning for fans to brace for some shocking developments up ahead.

Will someone die in Fairy Tail Chapter 538? Flames dying out have always been used to symbolically portray the death of someone, given that life has been commonly viewed as a spark. If this is what Hiro Mashima really wants to happen next chapter, then the more likely candidate to get written off is Natsu due to his association with flames.

In fact, there is an event in the recent chapter that might be used to justify Natsu’s flames going out: the death of his brother Zeref. As every fan knows, Natsu already died as a little kid and he only gained back his life when he was resurrected by Zeref as his strongest demon E.N.D. With Zeref dying in the previous chapter, it is highly possible that it may adversely affect Natsu/E.N.D.

Another thing that could be shown in Fairy Tail Chapter 538 is a final word on Ichiya, Anna, and even Acnologia. While it was shown that the three were sucked into that unfathomable placed called the Ravines of Time, fans would probably agree that they need some closure, some sort of confirmation that they indeed perished especially that the series will end in eight chapters.

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