Backstage Heat On Alexa Bliss After ‘Bayley’s This Is Your Life’ Segment?

WWE officials wanted to give Alexa Bliss some additional heat before her Kendo Stick on a Pole match with Bayley at WWE Extreme Rules. The powers that be dipped into their bag of tricks to create a heel version of the “This is Your Life” segment. The current Raw Women’s Champion brought guests and memorials from “Bayley’s childhood” to mock her opponent. At the time, WWE officials believe it would give her more heat.

However, it’s WWE creative and the powers that be who ended up getting heat with the WWE Universe. The segment has received nothing but disdain from the fans, and it’s being considered one of the worst segments in recent memory. In fact, it is essentially being ignored by the company, and everyone is trying to pretend it didn’t happen. Unfortunately, that’s not enough, and some people are wondering if blame is on Alexa Bliss.

Although most WWE officials are considering the segment to be a “trainwreck,” it is being reported that the blame isn’t on Alexa Bliss in the slightest. WWE officials are actually praising her performance for doing the best she could under the circumstances. The general feeling backstage is that the segment could have been a lot worse if anyone else was leading it. Unfortunately, a lot of WWE fans just are not going to see it that way.

Alexa Bliss is Said to Be the Only Thing That WWE Officials Liked About the Segment
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WWE fans and officials alike may have been unimpressed with the “This is Your Life” segment on Raw this week. As bad as the segment may have been, Alexa Bliss may actually come out of it looking a lot better. Her ability to push through the material and do the best she could will under the circumstances will earn Bliss a lot of points with the powers that be. On paper, Alexa’s performance should earn her a lot of trust backstage.

The expectation is Bliss would retain the Raw Women’s Championship against Bayley at the WWE Extreme Rules PPV. Since coming to Raw during the “Superstar Shakeup,” Little Miss Bliss has taken over Raw, and WWE officials are pushing her as the top heel in the Women’s division. That’s the reason why she dethroned Bayley at WWE Payback, and it’s really likely Alexa’s title reign will last for some time and into the summer.

The bigger issue is there will be more pressure on Bayley and Bliss to have a great match on Sunday because they need to make up for the poor segment this week. WWE officials may be planning to ignore it, but WWE fans may have lost significant interest in their feud. The match at WWE Extreme Rules is an important one because it could save the Bayley vs. Bliss rivalry, or force the powers that be to end the feud immediately.

Alexa Bliss vs Bayley is Expected to Be the End of Their Rivalry

Apparently, WWE officials are also attempting to re-elevate Sasha Banks back into the title picture after the PPV, so they will have every reason to begin a feud between Bliss and The Boss unless the former and Bayley have a great match on Sunday that will force their rivalry to continue. A lot of people could be overdoing the criticism for the “This is Your Life” segment, but fans tend to remember bad segments like that for awhile.

Vince McMahon can believe that the WWE Universe has a collective short-term memory, but the passionate fans remember bad segments. In the long run, Alexa Bliss will benefit from being a team player. WWE fans may make some jokes here and there, but the “This is Your Life” segment is unlikely to do serious damage to anyone’s career. Sometimes, a creative idea looks better on paper. That can be an issue with live television.

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