Megyn Kelly Bashed for Ignorant ‘Are You on Twitter?’ Question To PM Narendra Modi

Megyn Kelly recently made a comeback to the US television via NBC. Her very first assignment brought her to Russia to interview the country’s president Vladimir Putin. She was also able to meet India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the state party at the Konstantin Palace, however, the journalist drew flak with the way she greeted the PM.

Kelly had an embarrassing moment in St. Petersburg after asking PM Modi if he is on Twitter. After that brief moment, she was bashed by the netizens for asking such absurd question while greeting him.

Prior to the official TV coverage, the well-known journalist welcomed and greeted Putin and Modi at the Konstantin Palace. She shook their hands and while exchanging pleasantries with the Indian PM, the leader said, “I saw your tweet… with umbrella.”

In response, Kelly excitedly said with a smile, “Ohh really! did you? Are you on Twitter?” Modi looked surprised with her question but he ignored it and just laughed off the ignorant remark instead.

However, people on social media were not that forgiving as they slammed the journalist for her lack of knowledge. Most expressed shock as Kelly appeared to be unaware that Modi is one of the most followed political figures on Twitter.

To be precise, PM Modi is the second most followed head of state while Donald Trump ranks first. The Indian leader has over 30 million followers on his personal Twitter account, and this is in addition to his official @PMOIndia handle which has 18 million followers.

Modi is very active on social media, posting about his travels and meeting with ordinary citizens. His official state account posts updates about his work as head of India. Now, for Kelly’s blunder, people were saying that she did not do her research before heading to her assignment.

Indian investigative journalist Rahul Kanwai also commented, “Despite the hype @megynkelly comes across as terribly unprepared asking @narendramodi if he’s on @Twitter Heard of basic research?”

In any case, Megyn Kelly’s error did not end there. Her first appearance on the NBC network took place on the early broadcast of Today. As said earlier she was in Russia to cover the World Economic Forum and have a one-on-one interview with Putin.

Her segment is being aired live via satellite in New York and when she was introduced by the show’s hosts – Savannah Guthrie, Matt Lauer, and Hoda Kotb, they greeted and welcomed her to the team. However, Kelly returned the greeting, but only mentioning the names of Lauer and Guthrie.

“We should note, this is her first appearance as an NBC news anchor. So we say good morning and welcome. Great to have you hear, Megyn!” the hosts said.

Kelly replied with, “Hey, guys. It’s great to be with you, Matt and Savannah.”

Apparently, Kelly failed to mention Kotb, who looked shocked for a moment. Kotb was not upset though, as she even managed to make light of the mistake by jokingly throwing her hands up and acted to be in disbelief. Then again, the segment ended on a good note, with Kelly acknowledging Kotb.

Meanwhile, Megyn Kelly previously worked for Fox News. She was one of the most popular news anchors in the network but she quit earlier this year. Her departure surprised many people but the journalist wanted to try something new so she decided to switch companies. Besides, her contract with Fox has expired.

She was with Fox News since 2004 and throughout her career there, she hosted many shows. Kelly is also a known staunch critic of Donald Trump, in fact, she was involved in a bitter feud with the American president last year.

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