Travis Scott Allegedly Ridicules Tyga For Losing Kylie Jenner — Rappers Feuding Over ‘KUWTK’ Star?

Travis Scott is allegedly ridiculing Tyga for losing Kylie Jenner, telling pals that his rap rival should be devastated to have lost the 19-year-old.

Sources stress that Travis Scott couldn’t be happier being with Kylie, who he’s been seeing for close to two months, TMZ confirms.

The duo kicked off their romance at Coachella, just two weeks after the socialite had called it quits with her ex-boyfriend. While Kylie’s decision to move on with Travis Scott seemed rather rapid, she hasn’t looked back since, a source reveals.

Getting with the TV star has been one of Travis Scott’s wisest decisions, an insider close to the rapper tells Hollywood Life.

According to the gossip outlet, Travis Scott feels like the luckiest guy in the world. He knows that every man in the field of hip-hop wants to get with the reality star, so the fact that he was the chosen one has made him feel that much better about himself.

Travis Scott is reportedly baffled as to how Tyga could have let Kylie Jenner go. At the time of their split, it was said that Jenner grew tired of the arguments she had with the father of one, so she evidently decided to move on with her life.

Travis still feels like her ex-boyfriend could have fought for the relationship if he really cared about her, but given the supposed fact that the “Faded” star didn’t even attempt to win her back, Scott is given the impression that their romance wasn’t meant to be.

Either way, Travis Scott isn’t complaining because breaking up with Tyga has now given him the opportunity to not only treat Kylie Jenner right but also count his blessings for getting together with the woman he claims has “the whole package.”

“He LOVES her hot pictures,” a source explains, revealing that they remind Travis Scott just how many people are in love with his girlfriend. “It gives him a kick that guys are salivating over this woman. He’s so proud that she’s his and not a day goes by where he doesn’t idolize her beauty.”

“Travis is very confident in himself and in his romance,” the source continues. “He doesn’t get jealous if anything it really turns him on. He couldn’t care less about Tyga because he knows Kylie wants him. Honestly, Travis pities Tyga and thinks he’s a fool.”

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At this given point, there’s nothing else that Travis Scott can say about the 27-year-old, other than that he was stupid to have let Kylie go.

Rumors were circulating throughout the month of May that Tyga could potentially be dropped from Kanye West’s GOOD Music record label, as it may be considered a conflict of interest to have the father of one under the roster with Travis Scott.

Both rappers are signed under Kanye’s umbrella, and while sources claim that Travis Scott has no problem with Tyga, it’s not being ruled out that the duo could potentially have an argument between one another about Kylie that could further erupt into a fist fight.

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Kylie and Travis Scott have kept a relatively low profile since confirming their romance in April. The 25-year-old is expected to be featured on his girlfriend’s forthcoming reality show, Life of Kylie, which will premiere on the E! network in July.

Though Travis is currently on tour, insiders claim that he’s constantly checking in on Kylie Jenner, who has stressed that whenever she’s not working, she’ll be supporting her man at his concerts whenever possible.

Do you think the relationship between Travis Scott and Kylie will last? Furthermore, could this potentially be the end for the socialite and her ex-boyfriend, Tyga?

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