‘My 600-lb Life’ Chay Update: Lola Earns Stage Role, Seemingly Gains Happiness Despite Weight-Loss Setbacks

Chay is one of the most unique subjects ever featured on TLC’s My 600-lb Life. During Chay’s initial episode, he was presented as a man, but by the time his feature ended, he had already begun transitioning into a woman, calling himself Lola and embracing a new, slimmer self. As revealed in the recently aired Where Are They Now episode, however, things turned out to be a lot more complicated for the hit reality TV show’s resident transgender.

During Chay’s recently aired, My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode, it was revealed that she was having some difficulty continuing on her weight loss journey. This was noticed by viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV series, with many stating that Chay appeared to have gained back some weight since she was last featured on the show. During the episode, these observations were confirmed, especially since it was revealed that Chay was still struggling with unhealthy eating habits. Nevertheless, many My 600-lb Life fans in online forums such as Reddit have voiced their support for Chay, with many expressing their encouragement for her recovery.

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In a particularly painful scene in the recently aired My 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now episode, Chay was loudly mocked by a group of kids in a park, which resulted in Chay being emotionally distraught. While the scene was quite brief, numerous viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show expressed how the bullying of Chay broke their heart. After all, Chay always appeared to be emotionally fragile. Thus, seeing her on the receiving end of harsh words and verbal abuse was no less than heartbreaking to watch.

While Chay’s Where Are They Now episode featured mostly on her difficulties as a transgender who is recovering from morbid obesity, her progress has nonetheless managed to gain the respect and admiration of the hit reality TV show’s viewers. Considering that Chay might still be facing her personal demons on a daily basis, it is quite difficult not to root for someone who has done what they could to break out of their unhealthy lifestyle. What’s more, Chay’s social media accounts seemed to suggest that My 600-lb Life‘s transgender patient is slowly embracing some happiness in her life.

Chay is quite active on Instagram, and she has managed to communicate with everyday netizens and her supporters on a consistent basis. If the nature of her posts over the past few months in both social media platforms are any indication, it appears that Chay is doing far better than what the Where Are They Now update episode suggested. For one, Chay has recently expressed her excitement for successfully getting a role in a stage adaptation of Robert Harling’s SteelMagnolias, a story centered on the life of Southern women in northwest Louisiana.

Apart from this, numerous My 600-lb Life fans also noticed that Chay seemed genuinely happy in some of her uploaded photos. If any, her new shorter hairstyle, which she debuted on the recently aired episode, has unanimously gained her supporters’ approval.

Overall, both her Where Are They Now update episode, and her social media updates seem to indicate that Chay’s journey towards a full recovery from morbid obesity is still far from over. Nevertheless, fans of the hit reality TV show could not help but root for someone who has so much courage to come out and face the world despite its challenges. Considering the size of Chay’s heart, it would not be long before the My 600-lb Life star would surely get over all her weight and health issues definitively.

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