New York Knicks Trade Rumors: Phil Jackson Trying To Pull Off Trade With Portland Trail Blazers

New York Knicks trade rumors indicate Phil Jackson is in negotiations with the Portland Trail Blazers over the three first-round picks the Blazers own in the 2017 NBA Draft. The Knicks are in pursuit of a second selection in the first round, as confirmed in a report that just aired on SportsCenter. The Brooklyn Nets are also reportedly interested in pulling off a deal with the Blazers, so there could be some competition as the 2017 NBA Draft gets closer.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, it had been suggested in other New York Knicks trade rumors that Phil Jackson was pushing hard to deal Carmelo Anthony during the NBA offseason. Could that be a way for the Knicks to pry one or two first-round draft picks away from the Portland Trail Blazers? It would be an interesting scenario that could work if Jackson is willing to also take back some contracts that Blazers general manager Neil Olshey wants to part with.

The Blazers own their first-round selection (No. 15), as well as that of the Memphis Grizzlies (No. 20) and Cleveland Cavaliers (No. 26). There are a number of very good players projected to be selected in those draft slots, which could be exactly why these Knicks trade rumors have surfaced. If the franchise is really looking to go into a full rebuilding process, then the Knicks definitely have an opportunity to spin Anthony into several additional draft picks.

It’s important to point out that Carmelo Anthony has not been directly linked to these New York Knicks trade discussions with the Portland Trail Blazers (yet). The negotiations have just begun, with Phil Jackson expressing interest in dealing players for picks. It seems very likely that the only players on the Knicks’ roster who would be considered off limits are Kristaps Porzingis and Willy Hernangomez. The two big men could become the core of the franchise for many years to come.

The Knicks also possess the No. 8 overall selection in the draft, nearly guaranteeing that the team is going to get an elite player coming out of college. This is getting called one of the deepest drafts in recent memory by many NBA analysts, giving teams that hold lottery selections a lot of hope that they can turn things around in the short-term. A number of these teams have missed the playoffs for a few consecutive years, though, and getting good talent in the draft hasn’t quite fixed every problem.

Exploring the New York Knicks trade rumors about dealing Carmelo Anthony a bit further, this might be a huge opportunity for the franchise to start a new chapter. While some fans of the team would be frustrated that Jackson is dealing the best player on the roster, it could also lead to a lot more victories down the road. If the Knicks trade Anthony but then make the 2019 NBA Playoffs, fans are going to find it very easy to forgive the front office. It’s something ticket buyers at Madison Square Garden have had to do a lot in the past.

The Portland Trail Blazers are very unlikely to just give away these draft picks, as the team is fresh off making it into the 2017 NBA Playoffs. There are some holes on the roster at small forward and power forward, though, so the team will look to add a lot of size and speed with three first-round picks. In order to convince Neil Olshey to deal any of his selections, he will have to feel that the player he is getting in return would give the current roster a significant boost. Discounting Carmelo Anthony, Kristaps Porzingis, and Willy Hernangomez, the Knicks don’t have much else to offer.

Since these are the early negotiation stages between the Knicks and Blazers, fans shouldn’t expect a deal to fall into place right away. With the 2017 NBA Draft coming at the end of June, though, there isn’t a lot of time for Phil Jackson to get something out of these New York Knicks trade rumors and resurrect the struggling franchise.

[Featured Image by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images]