‘Deadly Secrets By The Lake’: Lifetime Movie Airing Intrigues With LMN 360-Degree Immersion Experience

Deadly Secrets by the Lake is a Harlequin-based film that will premiere on Lifetime Movie Network. It airs just after The Wrong Bed: Naked Pursuit, Daily Herald is reporting today. As part of a double feature, Lifetime Movie Network’s Deadly Secrets by the Lake is about a female New York City detective who returns to her hometown in Thornwood Heights after her sister is accused of killing her boss. The detective’s mere presence reveals a decades-long secret that could end up fracturing the entire town.

The Harlequin book that corresponds to Deadly Secrets by the Lake is When Secrets Kill by Zoe Carter. LMN’s new drama is directed by Don McBrearty and written by Roma Roth and Al Kratina. It stars Stefanie Von Pfetten, Ferelith Young, and Andrew Moodie.

Synopsis of Deadly Secrets by the Lake On LMN (Lifetime Movie Network)

Deadly Secrets by the Lake‘s Jennifer Riley is a hotshot detective on the force of the NYPD. The award-winning policewoman takes a no-nonsense approach to solving her crimes. Without any fear of danger, she lurks the seedy underbelly of the city as she tries to track down the man who is responsible for stalking several women.

After a short stakeout, Jennifer zeroes in on the suspect and catches him in the act of kidnapping a woman. Jen’s quick thinking saves the victim’s life and takes a deadly stalker off the street. Afterward, she is considered NYPD’s top detective. However, there is no time for celebration. Jennifer is headed back to the town of Thornwood Heights after hearing that her sister, Lauren, is a suspect in the murder of her boss, Victor Townsend, an award-winning cyber-journalist for the Townsend Report.

Victor Townsend was found dead in his upscale office after working late one night. It appears that Victor was investigating the disappearance of a woman who vanished around the same time as teenager Abby Blake, who vanished 20 years prior. He was in the middle of publishing a recent report to bring attention to the case. The last person to see Abby two decades before was New York City detective Jennifer, and the last person to see Victor alive was her sister, Lauren.

Meanwhile, Jennifer has more troubles when Abby’s father accuses her of being the last person Abby was going to see before she disappeared. For years, he has suspected that Jennifer knew what really happened to Abby, and with the impending charges looming ahead for Jen’s sister, Lauren, Jennifer is carrying the weight of the town’s hostility on her shoulders.

As Jennifer plunges into the case, she uncovers a deadly secret, which might shatter the town of Thornwood Heights, if she successfully proves her sister’s innocence.

More About The Movie Deadly Secrets by the Lake

The picturesque lake scenes and the plot sound similar to the 1991 NBC movie Violation of Trust, also known as She Says She’s Innocent. It starred actresses Katy Sagal and Charlotte Ross. She Says She’s Innocent (Violation of Trust) also aired on the Lifetime Channel for many years.

A previous Inquisitr article stated that the Lifetime Movie Network double feature is part of a collaboration between Harlequin and A+E. As part of that collaboration, Lifetime movie watchers will be brought into the Deadly Secrets by the Lake mystery by allowing viewers the chance to help solve the case at ThornwoodHeights.com. It’s a cutting-edge feature of storytelling that will give fans an immersive and interactive experience. Futon Critic provided the following description of the partnership.

“The multi-platform partnership also includes e-books, immersive digital and social experiences that includes short form, podcasts, interactive story-telling and interactive gaming to provide a unique, 360-degree to storytelling experience.”

Deadly Secrets by the Lake‘s Harlequin murder mystery will premiere at 10/9 p.m. Central on the Lifetime Movie Network.

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