Farrah Abraham Pregnancy Rumor: Farrah’s Boyfriend, Simon Saran, Responds

Farrah Abraham sparked rumors of a possible pregnancy when vacation photos of herself and Simon Saran surfaced on Instagram. The Teen Mom OG star was shown in a flowy dress that made her appear to have a little baby bump. As a result, users congratulated her on her second pregnancy, telling her how excited they were that she was now having a new child to keep Sophia, 8, company.

But her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Simon Saran, shut down the rumor in an interview with Radar Online.

“She’s not pregnant. I believe she had too much Dr. Pepper to drink for breakfast that left her looking bloated.”

If Farrah Abraham was pregnant, it would definitely be ironic, considering she has slammed her Teen Mom cast members for continuing to have children. She has gone on the record telling them to “stop procreating” and that she is waiting for the right man, and the right time, to have her next baby. The reality TV star has confirmed that she is in no rush to give Sophia a younger sister.

The rumor began while the pair celebrated her 26th birthday in Jamaica, going on a fun little tropical getaway. However, fans also slammed Farrah Abraham for drinking, as they believed she was also carrying a child during the time the photos were taken.

Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran have been on-again and off-again for the past several years, and their relationship is confusing as ever. However, it is difficult to tell if they went on a vacation “as friends” or as something more. In a recent Teen Mom OG episode, Farrah vowed to move past Simon because he wasn’t giving her what she wanted: a promise to get married or engaged. She even went to hypnotherapy to learn how to cleanse herself of hanging on to a man who wasn’t interested in what she wanted.

The reality star bought herself an engagement ring, which was supposed to be reimbursed by Simon; however, he has yet to do so, which is still a contentious point in their relationship. And although the pair are not the lovey-dovey type, they can’t seem to stay away from one another for whatever reason.


Recently, he was seen helping Farrah Abraham with her many Austin, Texas-based businesses, but she revealed she and her employees both liked it better when Simon wasn’t there and that she is a much better boss than Saran.

The reality TV star is also famous for her difficult relationship with her mother, Debra Danielsen. She recently appeared on a podcast with Dr. Drew where the pair diagnosed her with Asperger’s and said she was likely schizoaffective, which could be construed as slightly unprofessional and not their place to do.

Farrah Abraham has stated that she and her mother haven’t spoken to one another in several months, which makes her feel a lot healthier. She has stated that she is done “putting up with her” and wants to move on.


However, she has said that her time on Marriage Bootcamp has helped heal the relationship between the two, as odd as it is.

“I believe our relationship has gotten better,” she said to E! News. “I feel personally happier and better for my daughter so that really matters to me.”

Farrah Abraham has also stated that although her mother is engaged to David Merz, she has opted not to attend the wedding. Farrah has not stated specific issues with Merz, but previously on Teen Mom OG, he has called her out for her rude behavior toward her mother. Farrah, understandably, hasn’t taken too kindly to him and has opted to be a bystander to her mother’s nuptials.

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