WWE Rumors: The Person Behind Kurt Angle Scandal On ‘Raw’ Now Known – Could Lead To His Wrestling Return

This week on Monday Night Raw, a very strange new angle was started, and it directly involved General Manager Kurt Angle in some kind of strange scandal. The angle involved Corey Graves who was sitting at the announce table and suddenly received a very concerning text about something involving the Raw GM. Now, the person behind the whole scandal and the reasoning behind it may have already been revealed.

Everyone watching Monday Night Raw this week saw some odd things take place at the announce table. About halfway through the show, the three announcers were talking at their table as Corey Graves was playing on his phone and looking concerned.

As recapped by of the official website of WWE, Graves suddenly got up and left the table without much of an explanation. Booker T and Michael Cole had no idea what was going on with Graves, and they just continued with Raw as scheduled.

Shortly after leaving the announce table, Graves was backstage and meeting with Kurt Angle. Graves handed his phone over to the Raw GM, who read the text saying there was some information going around that could “ruin” him.

The information in the text messages sent to Graves was very concerning, and Angle even read one that said he was a “disgrace and an embarrassment to WWE.” Some more said that it “could besmirch his status an Olympic gold medalist,” but Graves wouldn’t reveal who sent him the information.

Angle said that this information could ‘ruin” him if it is true, but that was the end of the segment. Now, PW Mania is reporting that there are rumors going around that it could be none other than Stephanie McMahon who has the information on Angle which is leading to this whole scandal.

Some of the social media chatter had the secret advisor to Corey Graves as none other than William Regal. That would make sense as to the use of the word “besmirch” in the text messages he received, but PW Mania believes that as plans currently stand in WWE, it will be Stephanie McMahon.

In turn, this could lead to the return of Stephanie McMahon as commissioner of Monday Night Raw as she has not been seen since WrestleMania 33. After being knocked through a table at ringside during the Triple H vs. Seth Rollins match, she has been off of WWE television.

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According to Wrestling Inc., this new angle on Raw could lead to the in-ring return for Kurt Angle which has long been rumored. Right now, Angle is the General Manager on Monday nights, but if provoked or “besmirched,” it could entice him to get back into the wrestling ring.

The entire thing had a very serious feel to it from the moment Graves received the texts at the announce table to the time he presented them to Kurt Angle. Even upon returning to his position, Graves kept things very hush-hush and played up the heel announcer role in perfect fashion.

Inquisitr recently reported that WWE was rumored to hold off Kurt Angle’s first match back with the company until WrestleMania 34 in New Orleans. If that ends up holding true, they’re certainly starting to build up a program extremely early in advance.

If the pace they are on holds up, Angle could be back in the ring by SummerSlam.

When Kurt Angle was announced for the WWE Hall of Fame back in January, all of the fans were wondering if he would step back into the ring again to wrestle. There have been rumors but no confirmation that he will have an in-ring return for WWE, but this scandal angle on Monday Night Raw could be the beginning of it all. Stephanie McMahon was going to return sooner or later, and it appears as if the set-up for her comeback has begun.

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