When Camila Cabello And Ed Sheeran Get Together, This Is What They Create

Ed Sheeran predicts a big, Beyoncé-like future for former Fifth Harmony group member, Camila Cabello, with her upcoming single “The Boy,” which the two-time Grammy Award winner helped her write: kind of.

Ed Sheeran opened up to Brazilian personality Hugo Gloss about writing the new single for Camila Cabello, the former Fifth Harmony member who quite successfully went solo.

But it’s no ordinary single, as “The Boy” could really be Camila Cabello’s breakthrough track that would launch her career to impressive heights, similar to what “Crazy in Love” did to Beyoncé’s career in 2003.

Considering that everything Ed Sheeran’s hand touches turns to gold, Camila Cabello must be ecstatically happy about the “Shape of You” hitmaker writing “The Boy” for her. Though it’s a little more complicated than that.

As it turns out – as Ed Sheeran reveals to Gloss – Camila Cabello decided to change about 90 percent of the lyrics on “The Boy,” which was originally written by the redhead singer.

However, Ed Sheeran is nevertheless excited about the former Fifth Harmony band member agreeing to work on the song he wrote for her, and he even compares it to Beyoncé’s “Crazy in Love,” saying that Camila Cabello’s “sass and big vocals” could get her far.

Although Ed Sheeran wasn’t sure if Camila Cabello was going to feature “The Boy” on her debut solo album The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving, out in September 2017, the former Fifth Harmony member is probably aware of what kind of magic Ed Sheeran’s hand is capable of.

With Ed Sheeran’s tremendous success with his recent album Divide and his multiple golden songwriting collaborations, namely “Love Yourself” with Justin Bieber, Camila Cabello’s new song could really rock the charts soon.


Camila Cabello did, however, confirm that “The Boy” would appear on her upcoming album when she spoke to Beats 1’s Zane Lowe.

Ed Sheeran also revealed the reason why he decided to write the song for the brunette beauty – and it wasn’t because he was looking to impress Camila and score a date with her (Ed Sheeran is dating girlfriend of two years, Cherry Seaborn, after all).

The reason was exclusively professional, as Ed Sheeran reveals he was inspired by Camila Cabello’s vocal skills, which is why he decided to write a demo for her.

The upcoming song, which was reworked by the former Fifth Harmony member, is said to be featuring a James Brown-inspired funky vibe to it. However, don’t expect Ed Sheeran to release his original version of “The Boy,” as the singer says he sung “really high as if I was a girl all these lyrics,” according to The List.

Ed Sheeran won’t be the only collaboration on Camila Cabello’s upcoming debut solo album, as the former Fifth Harmony member revealed to Lowe that there would also be collaborations with Charli XCX (“Scar Tissue”) as well as Pharrell (“Havana”), according to Radio.

Camila Cabello is no stranger to collaborating with other artists, as she recently teamed up with Major Lazer and Travis Scott on the song “Know No Better,” which was released on Thursday and is available on YouTube.

The news comes as the Hollywood Reporter announced Camila Cabello would join the likes of Iggy Azalea, Joe Jonas’ group DNCE, and Imagine Dragons to perform at the upcoming Much Music Video Awards.

While it’s unclear if Camila Cabello is going to drop “The Boy” before the official release of her solo album, Ed Sheeran definitely has a point when he says the former Fifth Harmony member has “a voice that should really be shown off.”

[Featured Image by David Becker/Getty Images]