‘Bachelor In Paradise’: Amanda Stanton Returning After Josh Murray Split

Amanda Stanton is returning to Bachelor in Paradise. The Bachelor Nation star will head back to the show for Season 4 after an explosive Season 3 and her split with Josh Murray.

According to Hollywood Life, Amanda Stanton’s Bachelor in Paradise casting is a bit of a surprise to fans. Stanton, 27, signed on for Season 3 of the series, which features Bachelor and Bachelorette castoffs as they look for love with one another. During the third season, Amanda found love with Josh Murray. However, it didn’t last long. The couple left the BiP house, and things began to get rocky for them. After leaving the series, the two went house hunting together and even spent a lot of time with Stanton’s two daughters.

However, by December, the couple were engaged in some scary arguments, and everything went downhill from there. The two officially split in January, and their messy break up was splattered all over the media for everyone to read about. Luckily for Amanda Stanton, Josh Murray, 32, will not be returning to Bachelor in Paradise for Season 4. Amanda will look to find a new man in her life alongside her fellow Bachelor nation friends, but hopefully, she’ll be more careful about the men she chooses to hang out with this time around.


“When we were on the show, it felt like I had met the love of my life,” Stanton told Us Weekly in April. “It’s really hard, I think, to move on from that. I think we’re both having a hard time moving on. There’s a lot of things and situations in the real world you don’t experience while you’re there [in Paradise.]”

As for the entire Bachelor in Paradise cast, it has yet to be announced. However, many new faces are likely to be joining the show from both Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor and Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, which is currently airing on ABC. Corrine Olympios is said to likely be headed to Paradise, as well as JoJo Fletcher’s former men, Chase McNary, 28, and Robby Hayes, 28. Viall’s runner-up, Raven Gates, has already confirmed that she would also be on the show this summer.

However, one of Amanda Stanton’s friends, Lauren Bushnell, will not be in attendance. Bushnell, who won Ben Higgins heart during Season 20 of The Bachelor, recently announced that she and her fiance have split. The couple announced their sad break-up in May after appearing on their own Bachelor spin-off series, Ben & Lauren: Happily Ever After. However, just because Lauren is single again doesn’t mean that she wants to find love on reality TV.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Lauren Bushnell says she needs to take some time to breathe and process her split with Ben Higgins before she can date anyone, let alone on national television. However, Lauren did not rule out appearing on Bachelor in Paradise in the future, and she also seemed interested in being the star of The Bachelorette if that opportunity ever came her way.


For now, Bachelor Nation fans will have to enjoy Rachel Lindsay as The Bachelorette as she looks to find the love of her life. Lindsay has already confirmed that she is, in fact, engaged to the Season 13 winner and that she couldn’t be happier.

“I absolutely fell in love! I definitely did. I’m very, very happy. I can’t wait for you to see how it plays out, cause I’m definitely engaged! I want to scream it, every time I say it. I really do think I found my forever love. No, I don’t think — I know. He knows too.”

Bachelor in Paradise will begin airing on ABC this August. Are you excited about Amanda Stanton’s return to the show?

[Featured Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]