‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Valentin Go On The Run With Charlotte? Lulu Could Lose Her Daughter Forever

The Chimera project has caused a lot of chaos on General Hospital, and it all started with Valentin Cassadine. He is considered a hero by his wife Nina, but she soon learned that he is not as innocent as she thought he was. He has admitted that he has a shady past and that he has done some bad things, but it has all caught up to him. Valentin is facing major charges, which will prompt him to go on the run, and he is expected to take his daughter with him.

Charlotte adores her papa. Unfortunately, she was very close to being exposed by the toxin that he sold to Helena Cassadine. It all turned out okay, but now Valentin is facing a charge of treason and will spend the rest of his life in prison. In a preview for the rest of this week that General Hospital posted on Wednesday, it was revealed that Valentin may be on the run and it looks like Charlotte could be along for the ride.

On Tuesday’s episode, Anna Devane paid a visit to Valentin at the hospital letting him know about the charges that he faces because of his involvement with the Chimera project. Her sister, Alex, had him steal the toxin from the WSB years ago and he later sold it to Helena for a high price so he could have his surgeries. Alex is in custody and she is expected to spill everything about him.

Anna, on the other hand, is being quite sympathetic to Valentin’s plight. At the end of Tuesday’s show, she grabbed his hand after telling him how bleak his future looked. Is she sympathetic enough to help him escape so he can disappear?

The General Hospital sneak peek shows Valentin in a cabin with Charlotte giving her a hug. Spoilers say that Lulu Falconeri, Charlotte’s mother, is duped this week. This suggests that Valentin does indeed grab Charlotte away from her. Does someone else help him with this? Lulu could very well be duped by someone making an excuse to take Charlotte out of the Falconeri house where she is currently staying and give her to Valentin at the cabin.

However it happens, the previews show Lulu realizing that Charlotte is gone and knows that her dad took her. This will all happen on Friday’s episode of General Hospital and next week will be even more revealing. While it does look like Valentin is taking his daughter with him, he could very well either change his mind, or he could just want to be reunited with Charlotte to say goodbye to her.

According to spoilers by Soap Central, Valentin will do something unexpected. He adores his daughter, and while he could very well be thinking about going on the run with her, he may just realize that it is not a good life for a child. Will he end up leaving Charlotte behind with Lulu and leave town on his own? Or he could end up staying put to face his treason charges instead of running away.

Valentin Cassadine has been a fan-favorite since he came to Port Charles. Despite the fact that he was at first a villain, he has won the hearts of many viewers. There has been no indication yet that actor James Patrick Stuart is leaving his role of Valentin. Maybe there will eventually be no charges against him. Alex is expected to spill his part in the stolen Chimera project, but since Anna obviously has some type of feelings for this guy, she may go have a talk with her twin sister to convince her not to take him down with her.

However this all plays out, Lulu stands the chance of losing her daughter forever. What do you think Valentin will do when it comes to Charlotte? Will Lulu be able to raise the girl after all? Stay tuned to see what happens on General Hospital this week.

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