Body Shamer Dani Mathers Finally Feels Remorse: ‘I Just Wasn’t Thinking’

Dani Mathers’ life took an ironic turn, when the former Playboy Playmate took a picture of a fellow L.A. Fitness member in the locker room and used the image to shame the 70-year-old on Snapchat. That incident didn’t remain locked away in the social media world. Instead, Mathers has been prosecuted both by the criminal justice system and by the millions of social justice warriors calling the former Playboy celebrity for bullying the unnamed victim. Now, that shaming comes full circle, as Dani reveals that the incident has forced her into hiding and taught her a valuable lessen about ridiculing others.

Death Threats Forced Dani Mathers Into Hiding

People reports that Mathers has pleaded no contest in her invasion of privacy hearing giving the anonymous victim some sense of justice, but the rest of the public wants more from Dani. The former Playboy Playmate says she’s received frightening death threats and has been so concerned about the threats that she’s been forced into hiding, taking refuge in her mother’s basement.

Ms. Mathers says her life is at the lowest it has ever been and can only blame herself for the downward spiral events have taken. She recently remarked on the irony of the entire ordeal.

“I had lost my privacy after taking privacy from somebody else,” says Dani.

Dani Mathers, invasion of privacy
Dani Mathers faces the consequences for misdemeanor invasion of privacy. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Ms. Mathers, who was Playboy’s 2015 Playmate of the Year, instigated the ordeal when she took the image of a 70-year-old member in an L.A. Fitness locker room and shared the image with her Snapchat followers.

“If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either,” Dani captioned the picture.

The image went viral, but not because the public shared Mathers’ sense of humor. The former Playboy model was humiliated by widespread backlash and online criticism for invading the patron’s privacy and body shaming her for the purposes of humor.

Additionally, Dani Mathers has been banned from all L.A. Fitness locations.

It Took A Criminal Sentence To Open Dani Mathers’ Eyes

In November, Dani was charged with one misdemeanor count of invasion of privacy, but, as New York Daily News reports, the former Playboy model wasn’t sentenced until this Wednesday. In addition to three years of probation, a Los Angeles city attorney spokesperson reveals that Mathers also has to serve 30 hours of community service.

“I just wasn’t thinking, to be honest,” Dani says.

She adds that the picture had been intended as a part of a private conversation, though Mathers admits that still doesn’t make it right. She says she knew it was wrong to share the picture at all, but she did it anyway.

“I never meant to hurt her,” said Ms. Mathers. “I never ever intended on showing the world this photo … I hope that she could forgive me.”

Dani adds that she hopes the woman won’t feel bullied or shamed, because that was never her intention. Though she can’t undo what she has done, the former Playmate of the Year says she hopes the woman in the photo can move past the incident and not let it inhibit how she lives life in the future.

Dani Mathers, Playmate of the Year
Dani Mathers says her Playmate of the Year moment is now overshadowed by her recent behavior. [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]

Dani Mathers also commented on the attention she has received, following the release of that photo. She feels as though she’ll always be remembered for that one act, which upsets her more than anything else about the ordeal.

Still, Mathers says this incident has taught her many lessons about herself and about people in general.

“This is something that I’m never going to forget happened,” Dani says. “I’m going to continue learning and growing from.”

In addition to her community service and probation, Dani Mathers was ordered to pay $60 in restitution to her victim, so the woman could replace the backpack seen in the photo. The judge stressed to Dani that it is illegal to post anyone’s picture on social media without their consent, adding that the law still applies in cases where the person’s identity cannot be easily ascertained.

“It mocks and stigmatizes its victims, tearing down self-respect and perpetuating the harmful idea that our unique physical appearances should be compared to air-brushed notions of ‘perfect.’ What really matters is our character and humanity,” said Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer, when asked why he chose to prosecute Dani Mathers.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]