Vanesa Alvarado: MS-13 Young Mom Uses Sex To Lure Boy Into Ambush, Where He Is Stabbed 153 Times By Gang

A young mother-of-two was just sentenced to spend four decades behind bars after confessing she used sex to lure a teenager into an ambush by four MS-13 gang members. Vanesa Alvarado was 19 when she coerced Christian Villagran Morales, 18, to his gruesome death.

Christian Villagran Morales was stabbed a total of 153 times at a park in Gaithersburg, Maryland, last June. Vanesa Alvarado pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. The MS-13 gang members were waiting with knives inside Malcolm King Park for Morales, a landscaper.

“This was utterly brutal,” Maryland Judge Anne Albright said when sentencing the mother-of-two to 40 years in prison earlier this week. “Montgomery County cannot be a community that tolerates violence of this kind.”

Judge Albright agreed with the sentencing argument made by the Montgomery County prosecutors and handed down the maximum penalty allowed under Vanesa Alvarado’s plea agreement, WTOP reports.

Vanesa Alvarado opted against speaking during the sentencing hearing and reportedly averted her eyes as Christian Villagran Morales’ loved ones delivered their victim-impact statements.

Christian Villagran Morales was born in Guatemala. The teenager reportedly dreamed of earning enough money to move back to his native land and buying a small farm. He recently moved to the state after relocating from his mother’s home in New Jersey.

“He was a great person. I feel very sad because my son isn’t here with me,” the victim’s mother said after the sentencing hearing.

It remains unclear if the victim of the brutal murder is a legal or illegal immigrant. According to prosecutors, Morales had absolutely no connection to MS-13, any other gang, or criminal activity.

Vanesa Alvarado was born and raised in Maryland. She and a minor accused of fatally attacking Morales were arrested just two weeks after the victim’s body was discovered. Juana Gutierrez Vasquez, who was 16 at the time of the murder, ultimately confessed to his role in the crime but claimed Christian Morales was a rival gang member.

The four male MS-13 gang members arrested on various charges and are suspected of having carried out the gruesome slaying of Morales; all recently came to the United States from Central America. The immigration status of all the suspects also remains unclear.

The other three MS-13 gang members suspected of attacking and killing Morales were arrested in Montgomery County three months after the murder. Jose Coreas-Ventura, Oscar Delgado-Perez, and Josue Cuadra-Quintanilla all remain in custody while awaiting their respective trial dates.

The charges levied against Delgado-Perez were dropped so he could be prosecuted on the federal level for immigration violations, according to a report by the Washington Post. The murder suspect had already been deported back to his native El Salvador two times before Christian Morales was stabbed to death in the Maryland park.

Even though Alvarado and Vasquez entered guilty pleas, the horrific details of the teenager’s murder were still laid out in court by the Montgomery County prosecutors. Not long before Morales was stabbed 153 times by the MS-13 members, he just happened to cross paths with Gutierrez-Vasquez, Cuadra-Quintanilla and Coreas-Ventura when picking up some candy and snacks at a local store.

The MS-13 members reportedly asked Morales if he belonged to a gang during the chance encounter. Morales allegedly said he did but refused to identify his affiliation. When pressed, the teenage landscaper supposedly flashed the 18th Street gang sing with his hands.

The 18th Street gang and MS-13 are rivals. After the men left the store they called the leader of their gang and put out a hit on the teenager they considered a rival gang member inside their territory. Vanesa Alvarado, a drug abuser and high school dropout, was contacted to serve as an enticement. She was an associate of the gang members and an acquaintance of Morales.

The young mother sent a text message to Christian Morales on June 16, 2016 telling him she wanted to have sex and instructing him to meet her in a wooded area inside Malcolm King Park.

The four members of the MS-13 gang approached Alvarado and Morales inside the park and asked if they wanted to smoke some pot before drawing their knives and stabbing him 153 times. Although he was not large in size, Christian Morales was a weightlifter and was initially able to put up a valiant fight against his armed attackers. Ultimately, the teenager begged for them to stop but they refused to end the carnage.

Maryland prosecutors maintain Vanesa Alvarado was not merely a witness to the killing but actually urged the MS-13 gang members on as they stabbed Morales repeatedly. After the murder, Alvarado took some friends to the spot where the teenager was killed to see his body.

Alvarado’s defense team requested a prison term of only 25 years for their client. The attorneys claimed she was “certainly remorseful” for her actions about murder and pointed out the fact that she had two young children at home to encourage mercy from the court – but none came.

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