‘Pretty Little Liars’ Spoilers: What’s In Aria’s File And Which Couple Is Getting Engaged?

Pretty Little Liars is racing toward the End Game episode, which will reveal Uber A, but is also giving away tons of the liars’ secrets away as we go. The show always knows how to leave its loyal audience with a teaser, and next week we learn why Aria decided to go dark and what’s in her file that motivated her to betray her best pals. It was also teased that a couple would be getting engaged, but which pair?

In the most recent episode of the Pretty Little Liars, Aria was seen joining up with Uber A, or A.D. to mess with her friends. She isn’t doing it because it’s fun, though, instead she’s been caught in A.D.’s web because they have something on her that would really screw up things with her fiancé, Ezra. And in the process, we’ve already seen Aria do some pretty horrible things, such as wreck the nursery that was built for Alison and Emily’s baby, including smearing blood on the child’s crib.

But obviously this isn’t fun and games for Aria, since we saw her crying at the end of the last episode due to her mischievous deeds A.D. has forced her to participate in.

In the promo for next week’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, a voiceover says, “Aria’s secret is A.D.’s weapon.” And her secret could actually put Ezra behind bars, as previously stated in the show.

According to the promo for the next episode of Pretty Little Liars, A.D. has a file on Aria that includes a copy of a report on Ezra that she once filled out about their relationship. It doesn’t state how A.D. got the copy or why Aria was motivated to tattle on her former teacher, now fiancé, but it is clear that if it got out, Ezra could be in serious trouble. For those who need a refresher, Aria and Ezra met when Aria was a student at the high school, and he was a fresh-out-of-college teacher. The pair started their relationship back when Aria was still a minor, which would lead to big problems for Ezra’s future if anyone ever found out.


Ezra has also been caught between trying to heal his ex, Nicole, who was assumed dead after she was kidnapped during a trip to South America. Instead, it was found that she had been kidnapped for two years and safely returned home. During that time, Ezra and Aria found their way back to one another and got engaged. However, Aria isn’t happy that Ezra has been spending so much time with her, and A.D. has made it pretty clear that Ezra would definitely choose Nicole if he knew Aria had filed out a report against him.

To add insult to injury, Aria even called him a “twisted predator.”


The new Pretty Little Liars promo has also teased that one of the liars will get engaged. With Aria and Ezra already making plans to tie the knot and Spencer and Detective Fury on the outs, there are only two possible suspects: Hanna and Caleb or Alison and Emily.

Although Alison and Emily are going to have a baby together and have committed to being a family, it probably isn’t the two of them since they just recently professed their love to one another and Alison finally owned up to the feelings she’s been holding back for years.

Most Pretty Little Liars fans think that the new couple to make plans to walk down the aisle will be Caleb and Hanna. Because the couple has more history together than any other current Pretty Little Liars pairing, it certainly makes sense.

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