John Cena Has Confirmed Return For Upcoming Edition Of ‘SmackDown Live’

John Cena hasn’t been featured on WWE programming since WrestleMania 33, but the WWE Universe was convinced that Cena would make his return to SmackDown Live during last night’s episode. Unfortunately, that rumor turned out to be false. However, John Cena ensured that the WWE Universe wouldn’t continue to speculate about his return, and he confirmed his return to WWE shortly before SmackDown Live started.

The sixteen time WWE World Champion revealed on Twitter that he’d be returning to WWE programming and SmackDown Live during the July 4 edition of the show. WWE officials are planning a huge show for Independence Day this year in Phoenix, Arizona. The WWE Universe is expecting a stacked card and a few surprise appearances. It may not be a surprise any longer, but the fans will be excited about Cena’s return.

Unfortunately, his return won’t happen before the WWE Money in the Bank PPV as many fans were hoping, but he will be back before WWE Battleground. On paper, it’s fair for a lot of people to assume that Cena will be sticking around with WWE through the rest of the summer. It’s almost a guarantee Cena will be a part of WWE Summerslam. However, John Cena’s return on Independence Day could just be a one-off appearance.

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It has been reported that WWE officials are becoming a little desperate for a boost regarding SmackDown’s rating since WrestleMania 33. No one is hitting the panic button just yet, but WWE officials may have asked John Cena to return for even one appearance to help SmackDown improve their ratings. Naturally, WWE is looking to use Cena’s return to ensure that the July 4 edition of SmackDown is as big as they want it to be.

If you had to summarize his last run with WWE, you’d say that Cena had a historic feud with AJ Styles, won the WWE Championship for the sixteenth time, and proposed to Nikki Bella on the grandest stage of them all. The intrigue of John Cena’s return to WWE programming this year is how WWE officials are planning to top last year. On paper, SmackDown Live’s roster is full of many potential rivalries for him to give it a try.

Shinsuke Nakamura has emerged as a top babyface in Cena’s absence. In fact, WWE officials brought him to SmackDown Live specifically to replace the sixteen time WWE Champion. Cena vs. Nakamura would be the natural rivalry that could easily be built to a big match at WWE Summerslam. There is a chance that WWE may want to save that match for WrestleMania, but that’s just one of the options for John Cena’s next feud.

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Kevin Owens is the current United States Champion, and their rivalry back in 2015 was something special. It could be reignited easily over the US Title. Baron Corbin would be a new face for him to work with and give the rub to over a big feud. WWE Champion Jinder Mahal is on a big anti-American heel run right now. Cena vs. Mahal could be a huge rivalry to put over the latter and for Cena to make WWE history once and for all.

The fans complained about John Cena stealing the spotlight for years, but his current role is perfect. Cena is pursuing projects outside of the company, but he returns to WWE for huge matches and rivalries. It makes a John Cena match special, and the WWE Universe appreciates his work more than ever. It seems the fans do have to wait a little longer for his return, but it seems John Cena will return to WWE television in a big way.

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