John Cena Expected To Return To ‘SmackDown Live’ This Week

John Cena hasn’t been featured on WWE television since WrestleMania 33. His proposal to Nikki Bella had been spoiled months prior to the event, but the moment will be remembered as one of the most romantic in WWE history. The WWE Universe knew that Cena would be taking a hiatus after the grandest stage of them all to fulfill some obligations to Hollywood, but there isn’t a specific timeline in place for his return to WWE.

Most people were assuming he will be back on WWE television before WWE Summerslam. There has been a lot of speculation about Cena returning for the WWE Money in the Bank PPV in a few weeks. That’s still a possibility, especially after the following news came to light. It’s being reported that John Cena could make his return to SmackDown Live this week, which will be a huge surprise for the WWE Universe in Atlanta.

This morning, Cena posted on Twitter that he was finishing up a project in Atlanta, and mentioned that his return “home” has been long overdue. By all appearances, John Cena is preparing to make his return to the blue brand this week, but it’s unconfirmed if he’s sticking around through WWE Money in the Bank or if he is just making a one off appearance to help declining ratings for WWE television and give the show a boost.

John Cena Could Use Nikki Bella as A Valet to Get Him Over As a Heel
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It’s been reported that WWE officials are becoming desperate for a boost of momentum on WWE television since WrestleMania season. No one is hitting the panic button, but the powers that be have concerns about the next few weeks of content. Apparently, WWE Creative’s booking is “slow” at the moment because they’re holding off until July and August to book some bigger feuds and storylines on Raw and SmackDown Live.

For the latter, Jinder Mahal became the WWE Champion. Shinsuke Nakamura has become a top babyface, and Kevin Owens is the top heel for the blue brand heading into the summer. A lot has happened in just two months while Cena has been away, but his return could mean a few different things for SmackDown and for WWE television. First of all, WWE officials don’t consider John Cena to be the “face” of the brand anymore.

As of right now, Randy Orton is considered to be the top babyface for SmackDown. Many fans would argue that role belongs to AJ Styles. It has been reported that Shinsuke Nakamura was specifically brought to the brand to replace Cena. If the sixteen time WWE Champion is back on WWE television, what will his role be for SmackDown Live? On paper, a lot of people would assume Cena is back to put over the next generation.

John Cena May Be Wrestling His Final Year in WWE
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As of this writing, it’s unclear if Nikki Bella will be making her return to WWE television this week as well. It isn’t known if WWE officials will continue to build Bella and Cena together on SmackDown as a couple, or if their storyline concluded at WrestleMania. Obviously, WWE will continue to promote them as a couple, but there is a difference between that and booking them together for storylines on WWE television each week.

If the rumor is true and John Cena returns to SmackDown Live this week, the first thing he will address is if he’s back for some time or if he’s simply there for a one-off appearance before returning to Hollywood or his next project outside of WWE. With WWE Money in the Bank a few weeks away, any angle that happens this week will likely lead to his next feud or at least set up his next rivalry for whenever he does return full-time.

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