Chris Bosh Release From Miami Heat Expected Soon — Is Bosh On The Chicago Bulls’ Radar

Chris Bosh is soon to be a former member of the Miami Heat. If Bosh attempts an NBA comeback, the Chicago Bulls could be one of his potential suitors, provided that he can prove to be healthy. And the Bulls may not be the only team interested in taking a chance on the former NBA all-star.

Several big ifs and question marks regarding Chris Bosh’s basketball future cloud things for Chris Bosh. After playing an instrumental role in the Miami Heat’s four NBA Finals appearances, which resulted in two championships, Bosh and the Heat were at a lengthy stalemate. It began when Bosh was diagnosed with a blood clot on his lungs (courtesy of USA Today), which is also called a pulmonary embolism in February of 2015. Bosh had to take blood thinners in order to heal.

With his ailment, there has been a concern that Bosh can get a cut and bleed to death. He was ruled out for the remainder of 2014-15 season and returned to the Miami the following season, only to have the pulmonary embolism rear it’s ugly head (courtesy of the Los Angeles Times) again nearly a year after it was first discovered. Wanting to continue his career, Bosh has done several things to get back on the basketball court. After the most recent setback, the Miami Heat has denied Bosh’s attempts at a comeback.

Chris Bosh wanted to play basketball but the Miami Heat, fearing the worst-case scenario, simply said no way. The Heat’s decision left Bosh with a decision of his own to make.

Chris Bosh talks at a dinner event.
Chris Bosh will likely talk about a return to the NBA after getting his release from the Miami Heat. If he can pass a team’s physical there is a strong chance that Bosh will sign with a team. [Image by Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images]

To play or not to play again?

It is uncertain if Chris Bosh wants to try, but the first order of business is for him and the Heat to come to terms to an agreement to part company. According to the Sporting News’ Joe Rodgers, that resolution should come in the next few weeks. The agreement will allow Bosh to try his hand with another NBA team and still receive every penny from his contract with the Heat. The Heat had an insurance claim on Bosh, therefore their monetary losses are kept to a minimum.

Everything that seemed like it could protect the team and protect Bosh from himself were put into place. And now there is a future without the Miami Heat which Bosh has to face. Does Chris Bosh ever play in the NBA again?

First, Bosh will have to go through a battery of tests to see if his health will hold up. If he is still on blood thinners it is unlikely that an NBA team takes a chance. For that to happen, it would take a contract with some considerable stipulations in place.

Also, any team willing to take a flier on Chris Bosh will have him see their doctors before offering him a contract. That happens whether Bosh is on blood thinners or not. The offers will come in if Bosh has a clean bill of health. Meanwhile, look for Bosh to remain visible as he has been. It is clear that Bosh has contemplated life after basketball, given how often he makes an appearance on a kid’s show or at an event. It is an excellent move by him because the narrative may not completely be about his health.

Chris Bosh and Stephen Curry take in Nickelodeon's Kid's Choice Awards.
Despite not playing in an NBA game in over 15 months, Chris Bosh has been visible. It could convince teams that he may be healthy enough to play again. [Image by Kevin Winters/Getty Images]

The two most logical destinations for Chris Bosh after he gets his release from the Miami Heat are the Chicago Bulls and Cleveland Cavaliers. Both teams provide different reasons why interest in Bosh would make sense.

Beginning with the similarities, both the Bulls and Cavaliers have a friendly face who could vouch for the two-time NBA champion. Chris Bosh is great friends with both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. Neither team would rush Bosh on the basketball court, but the Bulls do offer a better opportunity for Chris Bosh to play.

Money would not be an obstacle if Bosh wants to make an NBA comeback. What he will receive from the Miami Heat is more than enough to last for generations on end. The Bulls will have more financial flexibility than the Cavaliers, while the Cavaliers will offer the opportunity to play for a championship contender.

A healthy Chris Bosh would make the Chicago Bulls a better team because he has a skill set for which they lack — an outside shooting touch. With him, if all things are equal, the Bulls would leap to the upper half of the Eastern Conference. Such a feat as having home-court advantage for the first round of the playoffs is an improvement for the Bulls.

Bringing in Chris Bosh would be a risky move by the Bulls, or any team for that matter. Most teams will shy away, but a shrewd team may be able to assume the risk as long as Bosh is willing to accept the worst case that could happen. The Bulls reportedly had an interest (courtesy of Sports Illustrated) in the Heat forward back last January, now that he will be available, do not be surprised if they strongly consider it.

What would make the Bulls take a pass on Bosh would be the fact that the forward’s health situation could remind them of former center Eddy Curry. Curry was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in 2001 and played decently until it was revealed that he suffered from a heart ailment. The Bulls would go on to trade (courtesy of ESPN) Curry in 2005.

Medicine is more advanced these days, but there could be some old memories which remain.

Other teams which could go after Chris Bosh are the Atlanta Hawks, Charlotte Hornets, San Antonio Spurs and Toronto Raptors.

[Featured Image by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images]