Kourtney Kardashian And Family Not Speaking To Scott Disick After Cannes, Insiders Say

Kourtney Kardashian and the rest of her family have allegedly cut off Scott Disick after what they believe was a vicious campaign against Kourtney. The father-of-three has been parading around with multiple women in hopes of making his ex-girlfriend jealous while she vacationed with her new boyfriend Cannes.

Scott is cut off

Scott Disick is reportedly “dead” to the Kardashians, according to TMZ.

Insiders claim that Kourtney Kardashian and the rest of her famous family are not speaking to Scott Disick after he was seen with multiple women in Cannes in a “well-planned” attempt to hurt Kourtney and hopefully make her jealous.

People close to the father-of-three claimed that Disick had no real interest in 19-year-old Bella Thorne. Apparently, she was just the first of the handful of women he planned on shoving in Kourtney’s face.

Scott was also seen cozying up to a stylist, Chloe Bartoli, 26, and partied with model Ella Ross, 19, in Cannes.Scott is allegedly furious that his ex-girlfriend, 38. is dating 23-year-old Younes Bendjima. He had apparently thought that he and Kourtney were on the verge of getting back together when he learned that Kardashian had been dating Younes on and off since October.

Although Scott and Kourtney broke up a while back, he had still been joining the Kardashians on family vacations, dinners, and other get-togethers. The two had also been successfully co-parenting their children since their break up.


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Scott is not allowed to see the kids

However, that is allegedly all over now that Scott is drinking and acting out again.

The Kardashians are reportedly annoyed at the fact that Scott seems to be purposely trying to be photographed with all of these women, and the kids will be able to read these stories online some day.

Kourtney is not letting him see their three children Penelope, Mason, and Reign until he can “get clean and sober,” according to The Sun.

I thank God every morning for these three little angels who changed my heart forever. I feel incredibly blessed to be their mommy. Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers raising our future.

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However, insiders say that up until recently, it was Scott who was choosing not to see his kids.

“Scott hasn’t seen the kids for weeks. Up until recently, it was his own choice. But now, even if he wanted to, Kourtney won’t let him see the kids unless he shapes up.”

The source added that Kourtney used to worry about Scott after they broke up but that now she just finds him “absolutely pathetic, People reported.

” It’s obvious to everyone that he is a mess. She is wondering how long it will take this time before he comes crying and asks for forgiveness. She plans on being firm. Get help, or he won’t come near the kids.”

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One big exception

There is one big exception to the Kardashians cutting ties with Scott— Kris Jenner. The mother and manager of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has already planned on doing a house flipping show called Royally Flipped,TMZ reported.

Kris and Scott are already shooting the pilot at two homes in Malibu and San Fernando Valley.

Jenner is the executive producer on the show. How will Kourtney feel about this?

Less than one hour until a brand new #KUWTK, east coast!! #family #love

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