Jovan Belcher 911 Calls Reveal Scenes Of Chaos In Aftermath Of Shooting

Two Jovan Belcher 911 calls have been released, revealing a scene of panic left in the aftermath of the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker’s sudden shooting of girlfriend Kassandra Perkins and his later suicide.

Jovan Belcher’s mother made the first of the two 911 calls in the moments after the Kansas City Chiefs linebacker shot his girlfriend nine times. As CNN noted, Belcher’s baby daughter can be heard wailing in the background and his mother in hysterics.

“Oh my God. Oh my God. Kasi,” his mother, Cheryl Shepherd, cried on the 911 tape. “The baby is crying … Please get the ambulance here!”

The dispatcher on the Belcher 911 call tells Shepherd that paramedics have been on the way, asking Perkins’ age.

“Is she breathing?” the dispatcher then asked.

“She is still breathing but barely. Please hurry. I don’t know how many times he shot her. They had been arguing …” the mother said.

“OK, she’s been shot?” the dispatcher asked.

Belcher’s mother can then be heard on the 911 tape trying to keep Perkins from losing consciousness.

“You hear me? Kassandra! Hey! Stay with me!”

The Belcher 911 call ends as his daughter screams and his mother tries frantically to talk to paramedics.

The second of the two Belcher 911 calls came from the Chiefs practice facility, where Belcher went after the shooting. There he spoke to the team’s general manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel, thanking them for the opportunity they gave him and pleading for them to take care of his daughter once he was gone.

The Belcher 911 call from the practice facility revealed this exchange:

Caller: Hello. We need a Code One ambulance although they think he’s probably dead. Number 1 Arrowhead Drive – that’s the practice field at the Chiefs Stadium. It’s a self-inflicted shooting. It’s a done deal. They’ve got a player that shot himself.

Dispatcher: A player?

Caller: Yeah.

Dispatcher: What parking lot?

Caller: They still need you.

Dispatcher: We’re on our way.

The Jovan Belcher 911 calls had been released from the Kansas City Fire department, Yahoo! Sports noted.

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