John Cena Vs. Roman Reigns Match Suggested, Fan Reactions Compared By Top Creative Team Member

Could a John Cena vs. Roman Reigns match be in the works? While at this time, it looks like something that will take place far in the future, a recent WWE Network special gave fans a tease from an important member of the creative team. In addition, that creative team member compared the career paths of John Cena and Roman Reigns as quite similar with regards to the fan response they get during their entrances and matches. It’s not surprising as many fans are seeing Reigns appear to be pushed into the role of the “next Cena” type star. Could these two popular WWE superstars be on a collision course for an epic match in the future?

After Monday night’s Raw episode, the WWE Network ran a new episode of their special called Table for 3, which features three wrestling personalities talking about various topics. The latest episode featured Eric Bischoff, Jim Cornett, and Michael “PS” Hayes. During the special, Hayes, who is a former wrestler and has been a longtime member of the WWE’s creative team, talked about how he sees similarities between Cena and Reigns’ careers. Hayes spoke of how both of these “babyface” stars have been polarizing with the fans.

Roman Reigns fan response similar to John Cena reactions
The fan reactions to Roman Reigns seem to be similar to those that John Cena has experienced in his career. [Image by WWE]

In one clip from the show, Hayes, who was a former wrestler as part of The Freebirds, and also a manager for several wrestlers during his heyday, talked about how similar Reigns’ status right now is to that of Cena.

“The kids like him. The girls like him. You hear that high-pitched positive vibe. Then you hear the negative vibe from the men, you know the deeper voices. But eventually when he hits his finish and he wins, almost everybody pops, and I see that when I first saw Cena come over from SmackDown to Raw. When he first came over, he really was not getting the positive response he was getting on SmackDown.”

Reigns hasn’t really been shifted from one roster to the other yet, but he still gets the sort of reactions that Hayes is hitting upon. Of the three members of The Shield, only Dean Ambrose has moved over to SmackDown Live and then back to Raw in the “Superstar Shake-up.” However, Reigns seems to get the polarizing response from the crowds at most live shows, whether they are house shows, Raw episodes, or pay-per-view events.

John Cena gets the obligatory “John Cena sucks” sing-along with his entrance music when he arrives out into the arenas, which he’s learned to embrace, similarly to how Kurt Angle gets the “You Suck” chant during his entrance. As far as Reigns goes, he simply gets booed unmercifully. That was seen at its strongest level the night after WrestleMania 33 when he was coming off his career-defining victory over The Undertaker, which possibly was The Deadman’s final match.

The similarities between John Cena and Roman Reigns are definitely there, which has lead to the big question: When are these two going to collide inside the ring for a match? They’ve been involved in some situations in the ring here or there, but not really that epic one-on-one match yet. The two faced off briefly in a six-man tag team match back at the Elimination Chamber 2013 event. At that matchup, Reigns was still part of The Shield which gained a PPV victory over Cena, Sheamus, and Ryback.

John Cena battled Roman Reigns at Battleground 2014 PPV
John Cena battled Roman Reigns at WWE’s Battleground 2014 PPV in a Fatal 4-way match. [Image by WWE]

The two were also involved in the Fatal 4-way match at the Battleground 2014 pay-per-view. Cena headed into that match as the WWE Champion and successfully defended his belt against Randy Orton, Kane, and Roman Reigns. Late in the match, Reigns hit a Spear to take down Kane, but then Orton hit Reigns with the RKO. Cena grabbed the win after hitting his trademark finisher the Attitude Adjustment with Orton onto Kane. That allowed Cena to get the winning pinfall on the “Big Red Monster.”

The WWE loves to tease these sorts of dream matches, and tonight’s comments by Michael “PS” Hayes that he’d “like to see John Cena versus Roman Reigns” are yet another example. Back in early April, that very match was also teased in a video released by WWE for “4 Things We Want to See at WrestleMania 34.” The video mentions that Cena and Reigns have crossed paths mostly in six-man tag matches and the aforementioned Fatal 4-Way match, but never really in a one-on-one battle.

As the latest WWE rumors have been suggesting, John Cena vs. Roman Reigns is probably not the match that fans will get at the big pay-per-view next year. It’s continuing to look like WWE will push Reigns towards a possible matchup with “The Beast” Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 34. That confrontation may also involve the WWE Universal title as the prize. All of those rumors leave fans to wonder, what sort of match Cena will have on “the grandest stage of them all” and just when he might finally meet Reigns one-on-one in the ring.

Wrestling fans, do you think John Cena and Roman Reigns will meet for an epic match at a future WrestleMania or other PPV? Will it be John Cena’s final match just like The Undertaker’s?

[Featured Image by WWE]