Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors Debunked! The Truth Behind Speculations Unveiled

The Rihanna pregnancy rumors are now a thing of the past after a source close to the singer debunked speculations that the 29-year-old might be pregnant.

As much as it would have been great news, RiRi isn’t pregnant contrary to what many thought after seeing her photos wearing baggy clothing and looking a bit fuller than she used to be.

Based on a previous report from the Inquisitr citing rumors on social media, fans of the “Sex With Me” diva thought she is expecting a child soon because her latest photos showed her looking a bit different than her usual skinny self.

Unfortunately, Rihanna pregnancy rumors are far from the truth based on what an insider reportedly close to the singer told Hollywood Life.

“Rihanna isn’t pregnant, sorry to disappoint everyone, but, nope,” the source told the outlet.

As it turns out, our favorite “Umbrella” singer gained some weight because there is “something going on” with her. The bad news is, the source decided to withhold that information because “it’s private.”

Furthermore, the insider revealed what the singer thinks of the speculations swirling around her new look that launched

“The speculation is tough for Rihanna. But, she knows she’ll be back to her regular self soon enough.”

The Rihanna pregnancy rumors was further debunked by fact checking website Gossip Cop, declaring that RiRi isn’t carrying Drake or Chris Brown’s baby as initially speculated by Hollywood Life.

For those who weren’t able to catch up with the news, the Hollywood Life previously reported that Rihanna may be keeping a massive secret from her fans and went on to speculate about her supposed “first pregnancy.”

Granted, the article made it clear that it was merely speculating, but the thing about the report is that it went on to jump into dangerous waters: the identity of the father of the non-existent baby. This prompted Gossip Cop to look into the situation and seek their own reliable source to clear things up on the Rihanna pregnancy rumors.

According to the website’s source close to the diva, there is no truth to the article claiming that Rihanna may be pregnant. In fact, a mutual friend of the outlet and the singer declared that Hollywood Life“doesn’t know anything” about the singer and is merely conjuring fake news stories.

On the positive side, Hollywood Life did follow up the Rihanna pregnancy rumors article with a new one that debunks their first report.

Rihanna Pregnancy Rumors Suggests That Drake Might Be The Baby Daddy
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Because of her celebrity status, as well as her romantic relationship with Drake and on-again-off-again beau Chris Brown, Rihanna has been plagued with rumors that are mostly untrue.

However, the mere fact that she denied the speculations can’t possibly impede fans from talking about her, especially those who believe that she should finally settle down and have a family of her own.

One even believed that she will make a great maternity dress model should she become pregnant, while some even compared her to Beyonce who is currently pregnant with twins.


Of course, not everyone was quick at jumping the Rihanna pregnancy rumors ship, with some believing that she just decided to take it easy on her celebrity diet and indulge in things that regular people enjoy.


Others just noted that she hadn’t been acting pregnant during the time the controversial images of her emerged.


Pregnancy rumors are mostly untrue, especially when it comes to Rihanna, who was previously reported to be carrying Prince Harry’s child just because they looked flirty back in December 2016, which was also debunked by the Gossip Cop.

Were you under the impression that Rihanna is pregnant? Share with us your thoughts in the comments.

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