Jinger Duggar Fans Fear For Her Safety After She Shares Instagram Photo Of Robbery Aftermath

Jinger Duggar shared an Instagram photo that has her followers begging her to be careful in her new hometown. However, fans may be misinterpreting the image of what appears to be the handiwork of a thief.

Photography fan Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, have both started using their Instagram pages to showcase some of their most artistic photographs, but fans didn’t respond to Jinger’s latest social media snapshot by praising her choice of filter, or the angle that she shot the image from. Instead, they are giving her advice on how to avoid being robbed and letting her know that they are praying for her safety.

On Monday, the 23-year-old Counting On star shared a photo of a rusty old bicycle missing its back tire. The two-wheeler that has been turned into a unicycle is chained to a street sign covered in graffiti, and there’s a beat-up, burnt-orange Buick in the background. According to Jinger Duggar, the photo was taken in a “big city.” She observed that the lock and chain on the worn-out bike didn’t protect it from a thief.

“When you find out that a lock just isn’t enough to keep your bike safe… #bigcityprobs,” Jinger captioned the photo.


Some Duggar fans believe that Jinger took the photo in Laredo, Texas, the border town where she and her preacher husband have made their marital home. They also assumed that the bicycle in the images belongs to Jinger.

“Praying you can get your bike fixed,” wrote one of her Instagram followers.

“I’m glad that you weren’t hurt,” another commented.

Others offered the fourth-oldest Duggar daughter some advice on how to avoid having a bike stolen, telling her to buy a chain that is long enough to run through the spokes of both tires. However, one of Jinger’s eagle-eyed Instagram followers noticed a small detail that seems to suggest that the bike in the photo doesn’t belong to her, and the fan also isn’t convinced that a thief took the tire.

“That looks like a NY plate on the Range Rover in the corner,” the fan observed. “If so, this is normal in NYC. People take the wheel off their own bikes so people can’t take the whole bike and ride off with it.”

The photo is likely an image that Jinger Duggar snapped when she and Jeremy Vuolo visited New York last summer. As People reports, Jeremy surprised Jinger by proposing to her on the rooftop of a New York City building, so the big city holds a special place in both their hearts. Last week, Jeremy’s wife shared another Instagram snapshot taken during their trip. In the black-and-white photo, the Counting On camera crew can be seen toting their equipment around the crowed city streets of the Lower East Side.


As the Inquisitr previously reported, this photo also caused some confusion because fans assumed that it, too, was a current image. However, Jinger Duggar is likely sharing some of her favorite older images now because she didn’t have an Instagram account at the time she and Jeremy Vuolo got engaged. The adult Duggar children used to create social media accounts shorty after they entered into courtships, but Jinger bucked this trend. As In Touch Weekly reports, she didn’t join Instagram and Twitter until she had been married for almost six months.

It looks like Jinger has possibly started a new family tradition, because neither Joy-Anna Duggar, 19, nor Joseph Duggar, 22, created social media accounts after they found love. Joy-Anna is now married and still off the social media grid. As People reports, Joseph got engaged at Joy-Anna’s wedding, but he also has not joined Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. However, Jinger and Jeremy used Facebook to congratulate Joseph and his fiancée, Kendra Caldwell, on their engagement.

Some fans are begging Jinger Duggar to use Instagram to share current photos, like any snapshots that she took at Joy-Anna’s wedding. However, it looks like the amateur photographer has decided that she prefers utilizing social media as a platform to show off her artistic side.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]