Bella Hadid Hangs Out With Lewis Hamilton On Yacht In Monaco: Are They Dating?

Bella Hadid just got back from Cannes, where she was seen flirting with Leonardo Di Caprio, and now she’s shifted her attention to Lewis Hamilton’s yacht in Monaco. She was seen playing on the yacht and showing off her body in a cute little orange thong bikini. Could Hamilton be the new man in Bella Hadid’s life? He might be if he can keep her attention long enough.

Celebrities tend to party and play in the same places. Yesterday, Cannes was the place to be and it seemed like anyone that was anyone was there. Of course, that included Bella Hadid. Now, the hot spot to see and be seen is in Monaco, where Bella Hadid and other beautiful people can play in the blue waters and sun themselves on the decks of gorgeous yachts.

Twenty-year-old Bella Hadid chose 32-year-old Bristish Formula 1 race car driver Lewis Hamilton as her playmate for Memorial Day. They hung out on the yacht, soaking up the sun. Bella and Lewis swam in the ocean and enjoyed the views of the beautiful, wet bodies. Hamilton and Hadid do make an amazing couple.

Bella Hadid was wearing a tiny orange bikini with thong bottoms that accentuated her toned body, and Lewis Hamilton was looking pretty hot with his tanned six-pack. It’s a wonder he could keep his eyes on anything but Bella with her skimpy thong bikini. Could there be something going on with Bella and Lewis?

Bella Hadid Lewis Hamilton
Is there something going on with Bella Hadid and Lewis Hamilton? [Image by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images]

It wouldn’t be surprising if Bella Hadid was hooking up with Lewis Hamilton when you consider her taste in men. He’s got that athletic body that seems to turn her on, and the dark complexion. These are two of the things that she liked about boxer Anthony Joshua when she was crushing on him. According to Hollywood Life, a source said Bella Hadid liked him because he was “tall, dark and handsome, and everything that her ex was not.”

There is already a connection between Lewis Hamilton and Bella Hadid because of their friends circle. Kendall Jenner was rumored to have been in a fling with Hamilton back in 2015, and Kendall is best friends with Bella’s sister, Gigi Hadid. It would be poor form for Bella to get involved with Lewis, according to the girl code. But then again, Kendall Jenner and Lewis Hamilton both vehemently denied the rumors that were dating, even after Hamilton was seen leaving Jenner’s apartment in New York City a couple years ago.

Bella Hadid romance rumors
Bella Hadid has been linked to both Leonardo Di Caprio and Lewis Hamilton just over a matter of a few days [Image by Antony Jones/Getty Images]

Lewis Hamilton broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Nicole Scherzinger, back in 2015 and since then he has not been seriously involved with anyone. There has been a lot of speculation and rumors though. It might be a bad idea if Lewis was hooking up with Bella Hadid because it is possible that he’s got a thing going with model Winnie Harlow. So far, the two have only admitted to a friendship, but there are many that think that their relationship is heating up lately. He was seen with Bella Hadid and Winnie Harlow in Cannes, according to Independent.

As Inquisitr previously reported, Bella Hadid and Leonardo Di Caprio were seen together at Cannes and there were rumors that he was flirting with her. Friends said that Leo was just being Leo, though, and there was nothing going on but some harmless flirting.

Bella Hadid was last involved with The Weeknd. They broke up in November of 2016 and he’s now dating Selena Gomez.

What do you think? Is Bella Hadid involved with Lewis Hamilton or are they just having fun together?

[Featured Image by Antony Jones/Getty Images]