#WeWantPrisonBreakSeason6 Trends As Fans Petition For ‘Prison Break’ Season 6

As Prison Break fans know all too well, the Season 5 Finale airs tonight on FOX. While the Inquisitr has already confirmed the series has been canceled – again – and isn’t returning for a Season 6, a large portion of the fanbase isn’t too thrilled with this news. In fact, the uproar among fans of the show has caused the hashtag #WeWantPrisonBreakSeason6 to trend on both Twitter and Facebook.

Fans are tagging and begging on social media

The fans of Prison Break have made it clear they aren’t going to quietly accept the series coming to an end. In many of the tweets on Twitter using #WeWantPrisonBreakSeason6, users are tagging @PBWritersRoom (the official account for the Prison Break writers), Vaun Wilmott (the executive producer of Season 5), @PrisonBreak (the official Prison Break account), and Paul T. Scheuring (the writer and producer of the series) as they beg for a Season 6.

Some even began to post an image suggesting a petition for Season 6 of the series. Fans of the series have been encouraged to use #WeWantPrisonBreakSeason6 while tagging both @PrisonBreak and @PBWritersRoom in order to make the hashtag trend on Twitter. They are hoping if enough fans use the same common hashtag, it will become a trending topic prior to the airing of the Season 5 Finale.




Could Season 6 Happen?

According to TVLine, Television CEO Dana Walden gave fans of the series a glimmer of hope by saying they would “definitely consider” doing additional episodes. She also noted the producers of the series were certainly thinking about doing more episodes in the future. Walden, however, also wanted to make it clear that Prison Break likely would never be a show that just returned for one season after the next. Instead, the writers and producers would want to “make it special” if they decided to go beyond Season 5 for additional episodes of the show.

Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller at a Prison Break panel
Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller at a Prison Break panel [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

Paul Scheuring – the creator of Prison Break – told Entertainment Voice there would only be a Season 6 of Prison Break if the ratings of Season 5 satisfied FOX and they had a great idea for a new story line. According to Deadline, Wentworth Miller – who plays Michael – feels more or less the same way as Paul. He is certainly open to the idea of playing Michael for an additional season or episodes of the show. He, however, would only be willing to come back if there was a new and explosive story line to really draw people in.

“These episodes are potentially a satisfying way to fade to black but if there was some idea that was exciting and we were confident could stand besides those that came before then I’d be open to that conversation.”

How were the ratings?

Initially, the ratings of the series based on the live viewers was satisfactory per the network standards. The total number of live viewers seemed to dance between two and three million viewers. The number of viewers, however, has been declining with every episode that airs. The real question is – will the number of viewers pick back up for the Season Finale enough for FOX to consider bringing the series back for Season 6?

Another question and point Den of Geek makes regarding whether or not a Season 6 could happen is how Netflix will factor in. The ratings of Prison Break when the series originally ended back in 2009 were not very good. The series, however, revived in terms of popularity when Netflix really took off and people began binging through the series on the streaming giant. Could the viewership of Prison Break Season 5 on Netflix be factored into whether or not the series makes a comeback for an additional season?


For now, fans plan to continue using #WeWantPrisonBreakSeason6 to petition Season 6 of Prison Break. Will you be watching the Season 5 Finale of Prison Break tonight? Are you among the fans trying to petition Season 6? Let us know in the comments down below!

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