Starbucks Steel Gift Card To Go On Sale This Week

Starbucks has the perfect gift card to match its $7 coffees. The coffee company recently unveiled a $450 steel gift card for the holiday season.

According to the Business Insider, the $450 steel car will actually only be loaded with $400. The other $50, according to Starbucks, covers the cost of making the super premium steel card. The card does include, however, gold-level memberships at Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks has gold members. According to Florida Today the membership allows steel card holders to get free refills on brewed coffee and tea.

Only 5,000 cards will be sold and you won’t be able to get them in stores. The Starbucks Metal Card will only be available through the luxury website

Ryan Records, vice president of card and payments at Starbucks, said: “Some stores will never even see this card… Five thousand is a pretty small number.”

Jason Goldberger, executive vice president at, said that the appeal of the card is all about exclusivity.

Golderberger said: “When you’re waiting in line at Starbucks, the next person in line won’t have it. We’ve never sold anything like this. Nor has Starbucks.”

The cards will go on sale at on Thursday to Starbucks members. They will be available to the general public on Friday.

Starbucks has been criticized lately for adding a $7 coffee to its menu and the $450 steel gift card is only going to add fuel to the fire.

Cultural anthropologist Robbie Blinkoff said: “This is a card for the 1%. It’s all about status, and to tell you the truth, I don’t know if I’d want to be seen with one of these.”

What do you think about the $450 Starbucks steel gift card?

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