Amber Portwood And Matt Baier Insist Their October Wedding Is Still On

Teen Mom OG's Amber Portwood and her fiance, Matt Baier, have had a troubled relationship over the past few years, but the pair insist that they still plan to walk down the aisle later this year.

Matt Baier has found himself in the middle of a cheating scandal in which several women have come forward with incriminating text messages and voicemails that show that Baier has been with several women while he was with Amber Portwood. During Easter weekend, a woman even claimed that Baier had fathered her child and had weaseled his way out of paternal responsibility.

In the wake of the drama, it was reported in several media outlets that the pair had split after Amber Portwood gave her man a lie detector test during a trip to Los Angeles. Later, it was stated that the couple had not broken up, but had put their wedding on hold.

Amber Portwood has always been reticent to marry and put her wedding on hold to Baier last year. During this season of Teen Mom OG, she broke down crying while trying on a wedding dress saying that she loved Baier but had a hard time trusting him. The couple also got into a heated argument when he asked her to marry him during a trip to Las Vegas, and she declined, stating that she wanted her family by her side.

Matt Baier, however, has stated to People that they haven't put their wedding on hold at all, but have instead, simply decided to keep their wedding details private.

"The wedding hasn't been called off. Amber and I decided to keep the details of our wedding very, very personal and private right now.

"Ever since we announced our wedding date, the amount of stress and opinions that came along with that just became too much. There were people out there just ruining the day for us before it even happened. We decided to formulate and stick to our plan but we don't know if we want to share this with everyone.

"When you live your life on TV and everyone has an opinion about it, there's going to be somethings you just keep to yourself and that's what we decided to do."

Amber Portwood recently addressed the rumor that Baier cheated on her with a series of tweets, however, some have since been deleted. Portwood posted an alleged copy of Baier's lie detector test, which showed that he had not cheated on her during their relationship.

She then stated that she didn't need to prove anything, and added that she hoped people got their screenshot before deleting it. But with the Internet being the Internet, several people copied the document, and several stated that it was a faked document. One even suggested that Amber Portwood had purchased the passing test results from a website that sells them just to prove to her fans that Baier has been faithful to her during their relationship.

However, tattoo artist, Tiffany Bassett, claims that she and Baier have been engaged in a sexual relationship since 2016, when they planned to start a business together. Amber Portwood's brother, Shawn, stated that the resurgence of drama surrounding Baier and his alleged cheating only occurred because Bassett didn't "have enough attention on her.

Amber Portwood and Matt Baier have also been under media scrutiny for going to meetings with Vivid Entertainment about a possible sex tape of the pair. They have admitted that the chances of them agreeing to do it is very slim, however Amber has stated that she sees this as a possible business opportunity and a way to earn money for future rehab centers she and Baier plan to open together.

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