Tiger Woods' Mugshot Buzz: Booking Photo, Alleged 'Black Women' Comments Go Viral - What Did Tiger Really Say?

Tiger Woods spent part of his Memorial Day in jail, with the golf legend arrested on suspicion of driving while under the influence. Whereas Tiger was released, authorities haven't provided much more information about the arrest of Woods.

Tiger Woods Booking Photo, Mugshot, Alleged Black Women Comments Go Viral

The above mugshot showing Tiger looking worse for the wear was taken in Jupiter, Florida. The Getty Images photo via the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office comes with a notation that Tiger's booking photo is the best quality available. The mugshot handout photo of Tiger given to the media by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office displays Woods with a tired gaze, non-smiling expression, and a scruffy beard. As such, the booking photo of beleaguered golfer Tiger is being passed around social media with plenty of comments from viewers giving their own opinions of Tiger's appearance.

Woods has been plagued by injuries in the past, and the new police booking photo of Tiger after his arrest has even brought sympathy from one of Woods' ex-mistresses, as seen in the below tweet from the Daily Mail. Cori Rist said she felt compassion for Tiger after news broke that the 41-year-old Woods had been arrested at approximately 3 a.m. Monday morning in Jupiter.

Whereas authorities claimed they smelled alcohol on Tiger's breath after he was stopped for driving erratically "all over the road," Woods refused to take a breathalyzer test.

However, with the name Tiger Woods being a top trending item on Twitter, other terms are being couple with Tiger's name, including those searching for "Tiger Woods black women," enough to make it a popular search suggestion on Twitter. Plenty of those tweets claim to be from users who are writing that they don't feel sorry for Tiger after he was arrested and charged with DUI in Florida, all due to Tiger's alleged comments about black women. But what did Tiger really say about black women?

A search of Google for "Tiger Woods" and "black women" results in articles like one from the New York Daily News, titled "Tiger Woods alienates black community with white lovers." Whereas the article notes that Tiger's choice of having non-black women as his former wife and mistresses could have made some black women upset, it doesn't contain any quotes about anything Woods has said directly about black women. It notes that Tiger called himself "Cablinasian," which is a nod to Tiger's Caucasian, Black American, American Indian, and Asian ethnic background.

Tiger Woods
[Image by Lennox McLendon/AP Images]

According to Hello Beautiful, "a black girl," a nameless one, apparently, said Tiger told her to her face that Woods wasn't into black women. However, that piece is thin on details and no longer has photos attached.

The following video gives some insight to a 14-year-old Tiger's thoughts about race, along with his dad, Earl Woods, and his feeling about race.

In the video, Tiger shows dismay and perhaps confusion as to why he was stared at or mistreated when visiting certain golf courses in Florida and Texas. Tiger spoke of slavery, but he also called himself black back then and used the term "the blacks," which could be seen as derisive or offensive.

Tiger Woods: "Since I'm black I might be even bigger...to the blacks."

Earl also perhaps displayed the roots of confusion in regard to race when speaking of Tiger as an African-American and a Thai man.

"Tiger is already Asian. He is Thai. In the U.S., he is black."

Whereas Halle Berry noted that her Caucasian mother taught her that since she looked like a black woman, the world would consider her black -- and that knowledge didn't mean a denial of any of her white heritage -- Tiger didn't seem to get the same lesson. However, despite that confusion, all the Twitter buzz about what Tiger Woods supposedly said about black women could not be confirmed via any major news organizations and quotes from Tiger.

[Featured Image by The Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office/Getty Images]