'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Premiere Spoilers: 100th Episode To Be 'Explosive', What Gets Blown Up? [Photo]

The Walking Dead Season 8 is currently filming. Even though the network and the big bosses try to keep spoilers to a minimum, sometimes major storylines are still leaked. This is what has happened with the premiere, which is also the show's 100th episode. It turns out that it will be explosive (literally), and something big gets blown up.

TWD spoilers are ahead. Do not continue reading unless you want to know what is going to happen when AMC airs new episodes this fall.

As fans know, Season 8 of The Walking Dead will focus on the war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and the Saviors. In Robert Kirkman's comic books, Rick Grimes goes to the Sanctuary. However, he finds out that Gregory of the Hilltop Colony has already beaten him to it. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, this same storyline is rumored to take place early in the season. However, more recent information confirms that Andrew Lincoln's character will take a drastic step in the 100th episode.

According to the Spoiling Dead Fans, someone will launch an attack at the Sanctuary. Even though the buildings appear to be intact, the "walker wall" has been destroyed. Also, the RV that was parked inside the Sanctuary walls doesn't even resemble a vehicle anymore. Instead, it is just a pile of ash and rubble. It was teased in the Facebook post that this will take place at the beginning of Season 8.

Even though it was not stated who attacked the Sanctuary, it is clear that it must be Rick Grimes or someone else waging war against the Saviors. The main character is determined to do whatever is necessary to win -- even if that means the loss of lives, including his own. For the folks at Alexandria, fighting for freedom is worth it.


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, co-executive producer Denise Huth teased what can be expected in The Walking Dead Season 8. She also explained why the big action is happening now rather than during Season 7.

"There's just a sense of excitement because the characters aren't in that dark, down place. It was really hard last year. It was hard for the cast, it was hard for the crew, it was hard for all of us. It was a really essential part of the story, and I think we needed to go through that pain to have what we're doing now be so satisfying. If everything we are doing now had happened in the third or fourth episode last year, it would still be cool, but it wouldn't have the impact now because we've all had to trudge through the mud to get here. So it's great."

Huth also hinted that fans will see a lot of newer characters working with the original cast.

"So it is exciting for us to integrate a lot of the newer characters with the OGs and see them all come together and take on this one challenge that they share. It makes it a really, really exciting way to begin a season."

With the Sanctuary being attacked, how will Negan and the Saviors respond? It has been teased that the explosion will just be the first of several battles to take place in Season 8. Negan definitely won't take the attack well. Always wanting to win, how will he get revenge for the bombing? How many lives will be lost in the war, and will TWD fans be grieving any fan-favorite characters?

The Walking Dead Season 8 does not yet have a premiere date. However, it is known that it should begin airing on AMC sometime this fall.

[Featured Image by Gene Page/AMC]