‘Monster Hunter XX’: Nintendo Switch Version Gets Limited Edition Hardware, Supports 3DS Cross-Play

Monster Hunter XX is making its way to the Nintendo Switch as confirmed by Japan-based video game giant Capcom.

Earlier this week, Capcom announced that the latest installment of the hit Monster Hunter franchise, Monster Hunter XX, will be ported to the Nintendo Switch.

According to reports, the Switch version of the fantasy-themed action role-playing video game will have the same features and content with its earlier version for the 3DS except for its resolution.

Gamespot reports that the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX will support 1080p resolution when docked and 720p in handheld mode.

In a tweet shared by Japanese game producer Gaijinhunter, a side-by-side comparison of Monster Hunter XX for Nintendo Switch and 3DS revealed the noticeable difference in its graphic display.

The screenshot from Monster Hunter XX Nintendo Switch version has evidently clearer and detailed graphics than the 3DS. Many were quick to point out the improvement, adding more hype to the upcoming game.

One fan pointed out the drastic changes in its display, saying, “Just looking at the image I thought it was final product on top and beta on the bottom.”

Another commented, “Draw distance, cleaner model, more pillars and stuff decorating the background, among other things. Pretty nice.”

Aside from improved resolution, the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX also supports cross-play with the 3DS title. Reports revealed that the game will allow Nintendo Switch and 3DS players to play together either locally or online. However, this feature is strictly limited to online sessions only.

Reports also noted that just like the Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, which was released for both 3DS and Wii U, players can do the same with Monster Hunter XX save data. Apparently, save file from the 3DS version of the game can be transferred to the Switch version and vice-versa.

Monster Hunter XX is scheduled for release in Japan on August 25. The physical Switch game will retail for ¥5,800 ($52), while the digital version will be available for ¥5,546. ($49.82).

Capcom also announced a special edition of Nintendo Switch bundle to commemorate the franchise’s release for the console.

Sources revealed that the company will be releasing a special Monster Hunter-emblazoned Switch. Apparently, the limited edition Nintendo Switch will feature a Monster Hunter decal covering the dock.

The special edition Nintendo Switch bundle also includes a copy of Monster Hunter XX for ¥36,280 ($325.87). Currently, the bundle is already sold out in Capcom’s online shop.

So far, Monster Hunter XX will be released in Japan only. Capcom has not revealed any information about the western release of the game, though it may only take a short time to localize a finished game.

However, there were claims that the western release might take a while because the company is having a hard time translating Monster Hunter XX in English, especially since they’ll be working on two console versions – the Nintendo Switch and 3DS.

Still, avid fans of the game are optimistic that a western release will come to fruition soon considering its massive success in Japan.

According to reports, after the Switch version of Monster Hunter XX has been announced, Nintendo’s market value skyrocketed, closing at ¥33,510 ($301.27). In addition, the 3DS version of the game also did quite well in terms of sales. Reports noted that the 3DS sold over 1.7 million copies in Japan. Although it was actually short of its projected 2 million units, it is worth noting that the game was released on an old console and still managed to do well.

Make sure to check back for more news and updates on the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX.

[Featured Image by charnsitr/Shutterstock]