'Duck Dynasty' Stars Talk About The Time They Went To Cannes, What's Next For The Robertson Family

Even though this will be the last time we see the members of Duck Dynasty as a collective on our TV screens, that doesn't mean this will be the last time we see them in the public eye. In fact, the Robertson family may just be more omnipresent in the future than they have been in the past.

Whether that's good or bad news, of course, depends on whether you like Duck Dynasty or the Robertson family.

According to KNOE, after Duck Dynasty, Phil and Kay Robertson plan to move on to the next phase in their lives by being out of the public eye.

According to Phil, he couldn't be happier that it's over.

"Back in 2016, the Robertson family announced the ending of their show on A&E. But Phil and Miss Kay are showing some excitement in getting back to their normal lives. 'I for one was thankful it ended,' Phil said. 'There's a lot more to doing these tv shows than most people realize.' Phil plans to get back to enjoying duck hunting, while Miss Kay plans to continue her cooking and Southern Hospitality."

Meanwhile, Duck Dynasty firebrand Willie Robertson is enjoying the notoriety that his name and fame brings. According to the Register-Herald, Willie enjoys the time he takes to sign autographs for willing fans.

What's more, according to the outlet, Willie and other members of his family will return to the Wednesday Pro-Am, which is very popular in the world of golfing, because it features both professional and amateur golfers competing against one another.

"'The Duck Dynasty stars have been incredibly supportive of our tournament, and we're thrilled to have them back,' said Habibi Mamone, executive tournament director for The Greenbrier Classic. 'The Wednesday Pro-Am is really a fun event for both participants and fans, and we know everybody loves seeing Willie, Jase and Justin out on the course. We're looking forward to an exciting day.'"

But according to the Hollywood Reporter, the Duck Dynasty cast and crew certainly aren't averse to fame. In fact, at the height of their careers, they were seen roaming around the Cannes Film Festival.

And who was their escort? None other than Steve Bannon, the Hollywood wannabe-turned-presidential adviser.

Bannon was there with Phil Robertson in the hope of selling two political documentaries (that never got sold) three months before he became a trusted Trump adviser.

And while Bannon has a huge influence over Trump (even the Robertson family was present at the sparsely-attended inauguration), he made absolutely no impression on the Hollywood elite at the Cannes Film Festival.

"He was just another of the hundreds of faceless producers who schlepped to the Marche du Film with reels under their arms — though in Bannon's case, he didn't even have a stand in the Pavilion. 'Wow, I totally forgot he was at Cannes last year,' says one buyer when reminded, repeating what turns out to be a common refrain of attendees. Before he was given an office at the White House, Bannon actually was pretty well positioned to become a successful B- or maybe C-grade producer — the Roger Corman of right-wing documentaries — despite last year's amateurish screenings."

Duck Dynasty fans, now it's your turn to share your thoughts: What do you think will become of the Roberston family now that the show is going off the air?

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[Featured Image by A&E]